Ho, Ho, Ho Blow (Christmas)

503399-25617af6-5d9d-11e3-ae40-d33e7a4d8181so this christmas is going to be a bust.
i’m not really feelin’ it this year.
i’d love to start my new year with a career.
my blog
my book
living off that revenue
give a mean peace sign to those hoes at my gig now
opening an image consulting company.
styling wolves
one of my home-vixens just asked me what i wanted for christmas.
i told her nothing much but…

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 2.01.42 PMa 13″ macbook.
my 15” is WAY too big.
i didn’t realize how heavy it was until i traveled with it to florida.
plus having to pull it out at tsa was a pain.
this laptop is also the brains of my entire operation.
i don’t feel comfortable taking it outside at all.
i know there will be a lot of traveling in my future.
i want to be able to pack that 13” up and be out.
plus sometimes i want to sit at a starbucks and write.
i was going to charge it,
but with me looking for a new job,
i don’t want to risk it.
i’m already on thin ice as is.
next thing you know i go buy that and they let me go.
i would be tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeee.
so my wish list is:

new job
better yet: new career
13” macbook
2015: the year i rise
a sexy wolf to beat my foxhole up
that same sexy wolf stickin’ around for my journey

tumblr_ngafesyf9p1rjo0goo1_500thats not too much to ask for…


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16 thoughts on “Ho, Ho, Ho Blow (Christmas)”

  1. I wish you the best for this coming year, Jamari. I know that this past year you’ve had many trials and tribulations, but remember, it’s the darkest , just before the dawn. Keep striving and praying and pushing forward. Your dreams will become a reality. Many blessings for the future, Aarion.

  2. No, that is not too much to ask for at all. Your Christmas is not a bust, it’s definitely will be better than last year. You have funds now.

  3. Mr. Fox,

    Go and buy that computer! You may say this fool is crazy! No it means you are showing God you have Faith in Him and yourself. Don’t let “Fear” get in the way of your Faith! That computer is an investment in your dreams, each time you use it you will be drawing closer to the realization of your goals. Let it motivate you to write that book to begin living on them revenues!! It will force you to focus, to write even when you dont feel like it! To inspire you to higher heights, because you have now invested in yourself and there is no going back!!

    If you recall, I’m the foxholer who you profiled in Mental 21, the one sleeping under his desk at work, me and my cub!! Remember??

    Let me share something with you if I may. I was down to my last 40.00 dollars and this rental agency that I had placed an application for an apartment called, the lady said to process my application cost 40.00!! I was like damn, but I had to step out on Faith! I said a prayer and gave up the 40.00. Two days later, I got a call from the apartment complex said I was approved when did I want to move it. They did not charge me a deposit, no last month, I only had to pay the first months rent!!! Now tell me GOD is GREAT!!!

    Me and the Cub have been in our home since 12-06. I have no furniture, no bed, and the Dollar Store is my best friend:) But the cub and I are in out of the wilderness. Give Glory to GOD!

    It’s like in the book The Alchemist, when you are following your Personal Legend, the Universe Conspires to help you! I could on and on about all of the Blessing that have been coming my way, and I feel it all began with that leap of Faith that started with that 40.00!!

    Mr. Fox, step out there bro, great things are waiting for you, waiting ON YOU!! May God continue to bless all the work of your hands. Merry Christmas, Happy 2015!

    To all of the Foxholers, who sent out prayers for my cub and myself while we were in the midst of the struggle:
    Thank you all, May God Bless each and everyone you!! May you have the most Awesome Holiday Season!



    1. ^omg that legit just inspired me!!
      i am so glad you got a home for you and that cub.
      i prayed for you and could not stop thinking about you.
      god is so good.
      ya know i’ll go and look into the computers.
      i WILL need it.
      stay blessed b and have a happy holiday/new year ahead!

  4. That is so great to hear benard289. I prayed for you heavy after I read your comment.

    ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ☀️

    To Jamari, I’m want the same things. Specifically a steady wolf and to be self-employed. I’m tired of dealing with folks. I also want a laptop. I’m tired of jackin it while sitting on a computer chair.

    1. Mr. Zen Buddha,

      Thank you, God Bless you for sending out them prayers because they came to pass! Me and the cub has weathered this storm Give Glory to God, just preparing for the next one. Please continue to be true to thine self and have a Most Awesome Holiday Season! Your Bro!

    1. Mr. T,

      You captured it” Claim It” yes sir!! New Beginnings 2015, if you noticed in the news our folks are stepping up against all this foolisness that’s being thrown to us. Until we rebuke this fooliness it’s going to continue to happen, we must claim it!!! Mr. T, may God continue to bless you and yours!!
      Thank you,

    1. Mr. NoAcid,

      Phillipians: 4:4 i can do all things in Christ who strengthens me! God knows if it was me I would have checked out along time ago:) But I have this cub to show the way. Yall have watched the Animal Planet how the parents shows there cubs how to survive, this is what I feel God wants me to teach my cub. When he can make it on his own, then I know my job is done. May God continue to Bless all that you do my bro!!


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