Kellon Deryck Has Big Tools and Assets For Success

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 3.01.33 PMso “bae in my head”,
kellon deryck,
had his flawless illusion “look and learn” seminar last weekend.
my head bae is like so successful and stuff.
as i was lookin’ through his pics,
can i point out his biggest

well next to his lips.
even tho i’m a fox at heart,
i would eat and squeeze the life out his…
“flawless illusion”.
don’t even get me started on his big…











tumblr_mb6nfqB1vY1rfov7to1_400“hi kellon”…
is he still using his tool these days anyway?
or is he more focused on his assets?
he will use that tool to dig in my foxhole tho.
belee dat.
…take a look at how “bae in my head”s event turned out:

570very nice kell.
i love to see my professional black wolves being all professional.
it makes me smile and inspires me for my own greatness.
btw i love kellon’s new hair.
the one on his head:

this is how he gets it to be so curly:

i WANT that brush thing ASAP.
where can i find that????

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Kellon Deryck Has Big Tools and Assets For Success”

      1. You really like him don’t you?

        Is he the next Devin Thomas? I remember those days. Those who don’t know, Jamari used to be nuts about him lol.

  1. He’s a gorgeous dude no doubt, but the fact he doesn’t seem full of himself and he’s passionate about his hustle makes him inspiring too.

    My hat goes off to anyone really making it in ATL and not just faking it for appearances and living off credit card scams and sharing a one bedroom apartment with 8 roommates. Lol

  2. He is really cute tho, but that ass is oh so yummy and his dick look fun to ride all night. But foam to make the hair curly?

  3. Omg… I wanted to go to this class so bad! But I had so many other events lined up pre holiday.. @TheMan. I remember J’s infatuation with the now whacky Devin, lol.. I miss you guys 😉

  4. Nothing wrong with a man That can hustle.

    As far as that brush goes you can go into any beauty supply store and ask for a curl sponge brush and see the different varieties they have of it.

    I’ve never seen one of these bushes with the spikes i’ve only seen it with the little holes. I know with my hair since I have a lot of it the sponge Crow grass gives me little twists or dread like curls. I’m thinking with the spiked one you’ll get more of a curly definition.

    1. I didn’t know they had the sponges at the Beauty Supply?!

      I’ve never seen them.

      I’ve been thinking of growing my hair out for a different look.

  5. Hey jamari I just ordered one of those brushes for 10 bucks on ebay it looks different but i does the same thing if your still interested I can tell you

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