Can We Cut Out “Temp Agency” and Skip Ahead To “New Job”?

tumblr_m2uxrvZvIr1r8xqmio1_500i’m not a fan of temp agencies.
well let me not say that.
i’m not a fan of the process of temp agencies now.
before i use to snatch up jobs with temp agencies like nothing.
not so much.
i didn’t realize how much stress they are when you have a job…

so i decided to take a personal day today.
i had a job interview at the same temp agency this morning at 9am.
the one from the fiasco at lunch.
i made sure liar liar got that text message last night.
i CC’d my boss,
called liar liar’s phone,
left a VM,
and sent her a text CC’n my boss on that as well.
od i know…

tumblr_mdkjcpOWZn1qg6ot9…but i’m on that CYA protection plan.
(cover ya ass)

“Feel better.” – she said.

i went to bed early and woke up just the same.
i wore:

white and blue striped dress shirt
blue bow tie
grey pants
brown wingtips
brown belt
dark blue trench
brown man bag
scent: prada amber

i got there on time and gave the paper work i filled out last time.
this time it didn’t take long to meet.
she came out pretty quickly.
short older snow vixen with glasses.
we met and i explained my situation as honestly as i could.

“well right now we don’t have any permanent jobs,
but we do have a lot at any moments notice.
you will have to interview for them sadly,
but i will try to work something out.”

another battle of trying to call out.
how exciting!
i shook her hand,
thanked her for meeting with me,
and left.
i would really like a job where i can interview and easily transfer,
rather than playing the “temp agency” waiting game.
that game isn’t fun when you work with clowns.
when i got outside,
i had a voice mail from a random number.

“hello jamari.
this is “blah blah blah” at “blah blah blah” agency.
i got your resume from “the short older vixen” and i liked your background.
you have strong skills that i feel would match some future positions.
can we set up some time to meet?”


Author: jamari fox

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