MEAT: (621)

tumblr_ngi10pZkdK1qjl96uo1_400i can already tell from the side profile and arms i would give it to him…

…and judging from the rest of the situation,
i’d have no regrets about it…
tumblr_nere6cbV1V1rveoj6o2_250…at all.

lowkey: i’m getting a heavy pre baller wolf fromm this one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “MEAT: (621)

    1. That’s the first thing I saw, and it’s a requirement as far as I’m concerned.

      “Does he have a booty?”
      “He does? I’m in.”

      Yes, I’m that easy.

  1. As usual, I learned a little more about this piece of meat. His name is Shannon and he attends Texas State. He is not on the football team, unless his real name is not Shannon because that name damn sure ain’t on the roster lol. He built like a running back tho. His instagram page is ayooshan, but it is private.

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