Fox Swagg 101 On…. Antrel Rolle

I found this picture on Antrel…
And although I’d jump on him ASAP…
I’m not feelin what I’m peepin’….


Keep tie; pull it up.
Blazer (ALWAYS make sure sleeves are longer than shirt)


Checkered dress shirt White dress shirt (tuck in maybe required)
Jeans Nice tuxedo slacks (not to tight; not to loose).

Later on in the night,
take offย  blazer, pull up sleeves, to reveal nice watch.
Winston or something platinum preferably.


Fox Swagg 101.

Jamari is def multi-faceted baby.
More of these to cum…

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10 thoughts on “Fox Swagg 101 On…. Antrel Rolle”

  1. He doesn’t have to try dress up for me.LOL!!! If it came that, i would dress him myself. We could be homebodies and he could just wear a pair a basketball shorts or nothing all day long. I accept even in his challenged style. Why, you ask? Because his beauty shines through those clothes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I feel you but if I’m fuckin with u,
      I want to make sure you look good.
      Even if we low key,
      I want every bitch and nigga to be wondering, “who is that? He looks fly as shit…”

      Yeah “that” looks good
      ….but secretly I’m already fuckin him so… LOL

    2. I’m with Maddy, If you’re attractive i couldn’t care less what you have on. I don’t spend a lot of my time wondering what impression he’s making on everyone else because…well.. i don’t see a point in impressing an already judgmental and bitter public. Doesn’t matter what he’s wearing because they will have something negative to say simply because they are not with him and I am.

  2. the blazer sleeve should be about a half an inch shorter than the shirt thats how ur cufflinks show if u are doing them..thats just a regular rule of menswear..he just went over the edge a bit…that jean is just a lil too baggy and not in the right way

  3. He may just wanna look like he’s not trying too hard. A lot of guys still don’t think too much about style…it’s whatever’s comfortable

    1. you can tell a “country girl” dressed him by that picture …… SO should answer that question.

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