Lil Mama Will Play What Rapper In What Made for TV Biopic??

looks like lil mama got a new job.
she has been casted in a new movie.
one about a real life 90s girl group who happen to be tomboys.
they been broke.
her character burned her baller wolf’s house down.
she also happened to die in a tragic car crash.
figured it out yet foxhole?…

she is playing lisa “left” eye lopes from tlc.don’t look at the screen like that.
rap-up has to tell ya:

Lil Mama is making big moves. The “Lip Gloss” rapper has just landed a role as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in the upcoming TLC biopic for VH1.

 MC Lyte revealed the news at the inaugural VIBE Impact Awards. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to say, but I will,” Lyte told Hip Hollywood. “She just got the role as Left Eye in TLC’s new movie. I am so excited for her.”


The film is currently in pre-production, with the group’s two surviving members, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, serving as consultants and executive producers.

The hip-hop pioneer plans to take the 23-year-old under her wing. “I’m gonna put a little bit of my concentration and focus on helping to uplift a sister who is talented, smart, witty, and just had her chances cut too short, and that’s Lil Mama ’cause she is a talented young lady,” explained Lyte.

The two plan to hit the studio this weekend. “We’re working on a hip-hop sisters record,” she said. “I’ll be doing songs with her, with [Lady of] Rage. Monie [Love] will do a song with Yo-Yo. We’re gonna mix it up. It’s gonna be nice.”

The made-for-TV movie series will explore the Grammy-winning trio’s rise to fame with their 1991 debut Ooooooohhh… On the TLC Tip and 1994’s groundbreaking album CrazySexyCool, which sold more than 22 million albums worldwide and made them one of the most successful female groups of all time.

Fans will also relive darker moments from the group’s storied career including T-Boz’s battle with sickle-cell anemia, the ladies’ financial woes, Left Eye burning down her boyfriend’s home, and her tragic death in 2002.

found via rap-up

don’t see it.
she may prove us wrong.
i would have liked to see a no name casted.
introduce hollywood to someone new.
who knows tho…
lil mama may do a good job.

lowkey: jay-z must have lifted that blacklist from when she randomly jumped on stage with him lol

another lowkey: i wonder if they are still making the movie about:

4 thoughts on “Lil Mama Will Play What Rapper In What Made for TV Biopic??

  1. I am happy for her. She’s had a rough couple of last years and she’s finally doing something that is legit. I hope people do give her a chance instead of breaking her down so easily just because she’s ‘Lil Mama’ and what happened back in ’09 circa’. Sometimes it’s better for us to uplift our brothers and sisters instead of tearing them down.

  2. Damn…of ALL people???

    .I am going to give her a chance though…I want that biopic to happen but it has to be RIGHT! I wonder who will play T-Boz and Chilli and will they even touch on that Crystal girl who was in the group (Chilli replaced her before they blew up).

    As for Aaliyah’s biopic, Canadian singer Keshia Chante was suppose to play her and they were set to film it but the family wasn’t ready for it to happen so they shut it down. Such a shame because Keshia looks so much like her..

  3. And Jesus wept, not America’s Next Top Stud playing Left Eye. Good Luck with that one Lil Mama, I just dont see it, I can see that they can make her up to look like Left Eye, but what I have seen on Lil Mama skills as a entertainer, I am not moved at all, but with MC Lyte under her wing(side-eye), I am sure they will push it on through in more ways than one. I cant wait too see the rest of the casting for this movie from Pebbles to Babyface its gonna be real interesting, I have to admit that these 3 (TLC) stories make for a good movie.

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