Tyler Perry Says You All Have A Case of “Reverse Racism”

tyler perry is an equal opportunity director.
he is.
he has done:

black church plays
black movies
black shows
mixed variety shows
all white shows

if you want to be in a tyler perry production then give him a call!
it don’t matter if you never acted a day in your lives!
if you look like ig attentionisto,
^brock o’hurn,
then you’ll get the job.
as well as other actresses and church play stand ins.
well tyler is facingĀ  a dragging about one of his shows because it’s a white out.
it’s called “too close to home” in which brock stars in.
tyler calls it “reversed racism”.
this is what he say to the washington times
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TLC Ain’t Giving No Refunds (Sorry)

tlc 729-620x349i remember when i wrote this ( x entry ) about tlc.
it caused quite the commotion.
well i may have been right.
not saying i am.
just “may”.

it was brought to my attention that tlc hasn’t released any new material.
they raised damn near half a mill and no album to show for it.
when a fan asked where is this new music,
this is what t-boz allegedly replied via f-bi
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I Like Frying Chicken In Bed

recipe_fried_chickenan f-bi sent me this video just now and ya’ll…
its from a past show on tlc called “my 600 pound life”.
well everyone meet marla!
she is 800 pounds and has a talent of making chicken straight from her bed.
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TLC Is Begging For Money

TLC-04-25-12first of all i love and respect tlc,
but i hate that tlc is going out like this.

so they want fans to fund their final album.
they feel like going independent will let them be more in control.
this is what they said on the kickstarter website
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Kandi’s Talking Got Ya’ll Caught Out There

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 5.03.51 PMsince chuck is talking,
kandi is also returning the favor.
don juan has a game for you guys!
can you guess the song?
i gave you enough clues!
okay fine.
check below for the answer
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He Who Casts The First Pebbles

pebblesfactorficso due to my situation wednesday,
i missed the #pebblesonwendy interview.
i really wanted to post on it that day or night,
but things didn’t pan out that way.
anyway pebbles stopped by to throw a few stones,
or pebbles,
towards t and c for that biopic on vh1.
i finally watched it today and well…
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