I Like Frying Chicken In Bed

recipe_fried_chickenan f-bi sent me this video just now and ya’ll…
its from a past show on tlc called “my 600 pound life”.
well everyone meet marla!
she is 800 pounds and has a talent of making chicken straight from her bed.


tumblr_lrj52vxoUG1qilxguo9_r1_400how she gonna cook that chicken…
and not even offer no one nothing?
that was just rude.
i’m vex that lady said:
“if you don’t have what she want,
she gets mad…”

well its not like she could get up and kick her ass.
miss marla will just have to pout until breakfast.
enabling and shit.

lowkey: im not even gonna lie…
that got me about to head to kennedy fried chicken.

get dressed!
we goin out!”

…but was that thousand island dressing tho?
uh ew.

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28 thoughts on “I Like Frying Chicken In Bed”

  1. The cyclical and self-deprecating psychological pattern takes a huge toll on these people.
    Its sad that many of these people are not only trapped in their bodies, but trapped in the confines of their own minds as well.
    Depression is one of the scariest drugs out there…
    Being in this state seems like its worse than death…I hope she gets help and loses some weight, and gains some health. Her mind needs to lose the weight before she can see it in her body though.
    Most of their stories are gut-wrenching.

    1. Yet there’s virtually no demand and poor salaries for Psychiatrists and people that work in mental health. Smh.

      Even if she goes on a extreme diet, until she addresses the problem with long term therapy there will be no progress.

      1. You’re right, and that’s a major problem, especially in this day and age.
        The healing starts with them with some good psychiatry. They have been through so much psychologically to get to this point, they can’t do it alone.
        Heck, its not just the morbidly obese, every day people need it in this day and age, it seems like more than ever! The state of our mental health as a region is appalling… and until that changes there will forever be host of problems like this that come about. Obesity, Hoarding, increased murder, suicides, etc.
        The state of our welfare as a region is just sad. We are “first world” countries with 3rd world mentalities. But hey, its not all about money, we’re still human I s’pose!
        We need to get it together!

  2. Nails on fleek. I love food too so I know how she feel. Sometimes, you just zone out and get caught up. Calories and fat be damned. Baby when she took that cold, sweating Sprite to the head I gulped! I love me some cold azz Sprite.

  3. Honestly, this country as a whole doesn’t take mental health seriously. We’re usually reactive with mental health (i.e. when someone goes on a killing spree), rather than proactive.

    There’s a stigma that therapists and psychotherapy is for rich, white women and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Minorities and lower income neighborhoods need tons more exposure to mental health but they’re ignorant of it.

    I guess social workers are supposed to compensate for all that, but they don’t get the in-depth education of mental illnesses and disorders Psychology majors do. They’re more about finding the resources, not the resource itself.

    I tell people I’ve seen things I can’t even believe to this day working in Psych, especially with my own people. They setup these mentally ill minorities to get arrested and put in prison and THEN they want to do what they should’ve done from jump!

    The system is so broken and I tip my hat to anyone that continuing to work within it, but not me. Salaries are disrespectful for what this line of work can do to your own psyche.

    1. ^ill be honest…

      I was a little hesitant to even say I was looking for a therapist.
      blacks have a habit of labeling someone as crazy because they want to talk to someone.
      yet after all we have to endure in the world being black,
      you would think they wouldn’t be so judgmental.

      1. I’ve watched a minister bring his grown ass son to tears saying he doesn’t need to seek help for his mental disorder. Saying all he needs is the bible. Telling him to stop taking his medications and everything!

        Keep in mind most Psych meds are the only thing that can control the impulses for people with illnesses and they are still unpredictable even when on the medications.

        Where I worked we’d only hold them until they had enough medication in them and then release them with some pills thinking they’re actually capable of taking care of themselves.

      2. Its good that you’re looking for help Jamari. Just because you’re looking for help doesn’t necessarily mean your life isnt together, or that you have a mental illness.

        Sometimes, having a professional third party can bring an insightful perspective and help you get to the root of some of our worst behaviours.
        We all might learn something about ourselves. For many people, I see it as another way to get to know themselves on a deeper level, but most people can’t face their own demons anyway…

        I have never taken therapy or have done this myself, but I would be open to it. I don’t have the money to commit to it so its out of the question for me but I say, if you know something isnt right or if there’s something about yourself you’re unsure of, its not a bad idea to set up a few sessions to see what really makes you tick. The mind is a powerful thing, and if you can clear that up, you would be surprised what else clears up about your life. We would be in a better state as a whole if our first world nations took this more seriously.

        Some people go to the doctor for the most miniscule things like the sniffles and the common cold, why do we not have the same respect for the way more complex and obscure mind? If our mind isnt healthy, our heart isnt healthy, ergo our bodies aren’t healthy. Everything needs to bein sync or none of it will run properly.
        Its a major oversight that our culture makes every day!

    2. I agree with the statement 1,000% There should be a discussion of mental health in this country because the U.S. been taking a lot of negative routes which has to be stop and take positive direction. Shit I’m a happy guy and people look at me funny because they don’t understand my happiness meanwhile they wanna talk about death, beating someone up or just talk a lot of negative shit a person.

  4. DAAAAMMMNNN!!! All those Jimmy Dean’s tho. Why?

    Let’s just hold hands and pray lol. That’s all we can do man.

  5. I have seen Psych meds work miracles on people to the point you can’t even recognize them.

    The problem is they’re not a one size fits all solution they’re being distributed as. Where I worked there was no counseling. We’d give them pills and if they refused or cheeked them it was my job to wrestle them down and the nurse would give them a shot in the ass.

    Now when you take into account that most of these patients have a drug problem from self medicating with marijuana, sherm, crack, heroin, alcohol you’re just giving them one drug to replace another without addressing the problem through therapy.

    I figure when they government gets tired of giving $600 social security checks to 20 year olds and people that have never worked a day in their lives they’ll be better psychology programs and more jobs in mental health that pay better. We’ll see in 10 years.

    Now if it were me, medication would be a last resort after therapy or in addition to therapy, only because there’s no point in being reliant on meds if its a minor problem that therapy can address.

    You have some people that have poor impulse control and a psychosis that gets them in trouble and those are the ones that really need medication, but again WITH therapy.

    1. Not to mention that the corrupt business of pharmaceuticals is just convoluting the whole point of seeking treatment. Its exactly as you said. They are quick to shoot you up with more medications that causes some other reaction which means you need more to off-balance the first reaction, and the cycle continues.
      My grandmother used to say that back in her day, doctors would always first ask you the most relevant questions to get to the root of the problem. “Are you stressed?” “What is your diet like” “What is your lifestyle like?” “how long has this been affecting you and how bad?” “do you excercise?” “how much or little do you work?” “Do you get dpressedeasy, and if so, do you know what makes you depressed/upset?”

      With the mass production of pharmaceuticals, that has all changed.
      Now its like: “We’re going to give you oxycotin, you might have some reaction, so I’ll also prescribe ___, ___, and ___. Try them and see what works for you.”
      Next thing you know you’re stuck on 20 pills and can’t get off of them because your body is reliant on them.
      Its terrible.

      You’re right JAY, medication should be the last resort, I mean, its chemicals after all, and were pouring it down our bodies. Most people need a safe place to TALK and get their feelings out.If its really serious, than maybe meds should eb considered, but only after SERIOUS consideration and really understanding the person’s tendencies.
      Its just cold the way it is now.
      You have seen some crazy mess JAY omg. I don’t think I could handle it either, I’d have a meltdown.

      1. I knew it was time to go when they admitted a 300+lbs plus former NFL player with anger issues and a drug problem AFTER he took two cops and cracked their heads together! Keep in mind they’re only locked in the unit like the staff is otherwise their movement isn’t restricted.

        Let’s not even get on how some of these doctors and pharmaceutical companies are experimenting on patients without them even knowing.

        The public has no idea what goes on.

      2. WOW! That’s so fucked up!
        The more I hear about these things, the less it surprises me.
        If the condition can’t be cured by natural causes, then maybe it isnt pharmaceuticals they need…This all stems from the political structures in which we live.
        Its not AS bad where I am in Canada though, I have to admit, but its next in line to the U.S. for sure…
        I’m glad you’re getting out of there JAY, it just seems so toxic and corrupt.

  6. That Brandy gift describes my feeling after seeing this, it was just so much going on with this. I was confused as to who were doing those nails as well and why. She needs tough love and it should have started when she was at the 400 pound marker, there is no way in hell I would be bringing her all this death on a plate. At this point they need to literally force her to eat healthy and only bring healthy foods, she would just have to be mad, but something tells me that she would eventually eat it and would get used to eating it after a while. She needs to be moved to a facility that treat chronic eating disorders and away from her home, but the sad thing is she probably can not even move.

    Jay as someone who works in the social service arena, I can attest to these salaries being so disrespectful and often times, I end up doing a brand of boot leg therapy and counseling trying to convince my people to seek a professional help though I have no psychological experience other than working in the field so long I can pick up on some things and even those who seek therapy and get a chance to participate, have to come back to broken communities that are so dysfunctional that the benefits they received from therapy are not fully effective because you live in a household where everybody could usually benefit from therapy but dont get it. Often times many African Americans cant relate to White therapist and dont fully engage in their treatment, they usually just do enough to keep the check coming or some type of of court ordered thing to keep from going to jail.

    It is a miracle that things are not as bad as they could be. I was just up last night until 3AM talking to a friend of mine who’s niece tried to commit suicide because her boyfriend left her, she has been dropping subtle clues by way of social media, apparently she has been hospitalized before but her family wants to keep it hush hush because they dont want others in their business. Typical ways that we are raised, we hide everything from the outside world including our own close family members.

    I am not sensing a good outcome for any of these morbidly obese individuals because the therapy they need and the resources to pay for those services are not available. It is probably better to prepare for the worst in these situations to ease your own psyche.

    1. You’re defintely right about the environment iyou surround yourself in can derail all of your progress. You are a product of your environment, and your environment is a product of you. Its symbiotic, and cyclical.
      They cant change because of their environment, and their environment will never change because they don’t want to, or they dont see a reality other than what they’ve experienced.
      THey have to have the vision to see beyond their limited experiences and environments or they will never change, the hardest part is getting her to see that reality.

    2. A lot of people reading our exchanges probably don’t even get why this is so important.

      To be clear, the ones that are suffering the most and getting the short end of the stick are MINORITIES! US!

      These white people with good insurance can check into these private facilities and they aren’t put in prison when they do something as a result from their untreated mental illness like we are.

      Then the killing part is a lot of these illnesses can be genetic so keeping it on the hush does no good when your kids will be predisposed to having the same illness.

      1. Yeah, that’s very true, I should have been more explicit.

        Black people suffer from it more than most, and we as a community continue to live in the stone ages with our beliefs, about appearances.
        I mean, unless you’re Barack Obama (and even then) or something, if you’re a minority, appearances are irrelevant if you’re living in piss poor conditions anyway. If you need help, go and get help, thats the best way to help our community grow. Perhaps if we can get more of our kind some help, maybe they will be more motivated to go to school. Poverty is continuing to strike us hard, and I don’t think our community as a whole is doing its due diligence. We HAVE to wake UP! WE will never be taken seriously until we take ourSELVES seriously.
        Our people are stricken with mental illness and just sheer stupidity sometimes. We complain about the White man holding us down, and here we are doing the work for them…its just just distubing the attitudes our people take sometimes.

        On the OTHER hand, that industry is not aimed in our favour either. The people who we would talk to are completely unrelateable. I saw another of Jamari’s posts and people were referring to psychiatrists as Republicans. That’s telling enough. That industry needs more diversity in a diverse countries especailly in high traffic areas like New York (U.S) and Toronto (Canada’s equivalent). No one wants to spill their guts to someone they can’t relate to, and is just going to write them off anyway and shove pills down their throats then charge $300 for a half hour or some bs.

        This needs to change. Its ridiculous. We have been through so much as a community, and made so much progress only to regress in the last 30-40 years, and instead of the White man oppressing us, We are oppressing ourselves with slave-like mentality.
        When do we break this cycle?

  7. Mental health is no joke. We are all just a step away from a break down if something major happens to us. it is sad that within the black culture we hardly ever embrace issues that are at hand. In today’s society we see more and more children having issues than 20 years ago. Depression will take you out. I had a friend who became deeply depressed after finding out he had contracted AIDS. He lived about a year and some months after his lover died. I watched several episodes of that show just yesterday and it is hard breaking to see what they go through. Finding comfort in food can be a easy way out of not thinking about the situation. But like someone said you have to lose weight within your mind in order to get your body in tune. A psychological profile is done in order to get the surgery done. I hope this lady began a new life, so she can break this before it lead to her death. The person that was sitting in the room with her should make it a two persons effort, so they can encourage each other. I am hoping to finish my degree soon so that I can do things in order to help people more. Jamari keep up the good work!!!

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