The Wolf Is Mine (and I’ll Show Up At Your Door 2 Let U Know)

Brandy-Monica-It-All-Belongs-to-Meso i’m watching monica’s “soul story” on vh-1 with mi.
between brandy and her,
even tho i have mad love for brandy because she got me through,
i loved monica’s swagg.
plus she stayed with sexy wolves in her videos.
even tho out of the 90s vixens,
aaliyah and mya got most my love.
i love a vixen who can dance.

thats another story.
well my favorite album from monica is “the boy is mine”.
ironically so is my favorite video as well…

123-clapping-hands-sign that video is and will always be my shit.
definitely creative and well shot.
out of the two,
i loved monica’s crib.
i liked her whole look in the entire video.
brandy also held her own tho.
shit i might have to listen to monica and brandy tonight.
was i the only one who thought monica sung better than brandy?
tumblr_m0gfkgQR3W1qahndoo1_500or am i the only one?

lowkey: these are also my fav tracks from her:

missy is no joke with the production.
they both work well together.

25 thoughts on “The Wolf Is Mine (and I’ll Show Up At Your Door 2 Let U Know)

  1. Def like Monica better has a vocalist but thats my opinion. calling brandy the vocal bible is a load of crap if you ask me

  2. I feel that they did a great job with the song. Typical situation in which anyone can get caught in. Remember they were teens or early adulthood when this song was made. I think both of them have done well for themselves.

  3. aaahhh JAMARI!!! Monica is seriously my wife in my head! I just love her. Have you saw her with her new hair (short, red)? it is fire (pun intended) lol

    1. ^ I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song!
      for a hot minute,
      I only liked songs with a symphony beat because of that song.
      her version of misty blue is also very beautiful.

  4. I’ve always believed Monica had one up on Bran Bran. Not knocking her lower register which is what she sings with often and let’s not even get started in her chest voice because it’s strong as a punch. But, to me, Monica is more vocally inclined than Brandy. I love Monicas falsetto which is something you don’t get often from Brandy. Monica’s little runs omg nd her other lower and higher register vocal acrobats. She can blend with Brandy and stand with someone as high as Leona Lewis… She’s a vocal camelion.

  5. I love them both but Brandy is one of my all-time faves along with Mary J. People don’t really take the time to listen to Brandy’s music so they don’t realize that her artistry is far beyond so many people in the R&B world and the music world in general. Only two artists have never released a bad album in my opinion, Brandy and Kanye. All of her albums well written, well produced, and impeccably sung. I feel for her sometimes because I know she wishes to be more successful but she still releases great music regardless. I’m ready for album number seven!!!!!!!

  6. Even though I LOVE them both, Brandy would be my favorite of the two. I love Monica’s soulfulness, but when Brandy got older that voice went to unattainable level that took me in. After saying all that, Aaliyah is still number one, only because I saw myself in her. I know that’s weird. Don’t judge me.

  7. I’ve always appreciated Brandy’s vocals a “tid bit” more than Monica’s. I own more Brandy cds than I Monica’s, but I loved Monica’s swagg, her sassy demeanor I lived for. Sidenote: can we just take a minute to acknowledge how sexy Mehki was back then. His smile would have made me

  8. They were more for the teens back in the day.Both had great songs though.

    I’m not as sold on Brandy being the “vocal bible” as some of her stans say. Dawn Richards (from Danity Kane) proves Brandy’s voice and technique isn’t as unique as they’d have you believe. She branded herself really well in her prime though.

    Monica’s voice is honestly nothing special, she just always had great songs. Keep in mind everyone in the 90’s worked with the same songwriters and producers.

    “Almost Doesn’t Count”, “Angel In Disguise”, “Angel of Mine”, “Before You Walk Out Of My Life”, “Don’t Take it Personal” are all classic and excellent songs in general.

    I think both of their are past their expiration date.

    Now Toni Braxton and Mariah Carey were my favorites. Unmatched voices, excellent songs, albums, and all around consistency. I can still remember being in the backseat of my parents car as a child jammin their music.

  9. Its funny because Brandy and Monica have mostly escaped my radar, so I’m not familiar with their body of work, however I know Brandy from some of her old music, but i didnt really get to know Monica. I know of some of the things that happened to her god.
    I think they are both great artists. I think it was the Whitney tribute when they boht performed, and Monica KILLED IT! I didnt even know that was her. She sounded amazing!
    I feel like those two have not got a chance to show their true talent. They’re underrated.
    Yeah Monica does kinda seem like that hood but loyal friend who’s realtable and has been there. Brandy seems like a classy chick with a bit of hood in her, but she doesn’t give off “ratchet” in any way. Seems more soft-spoken and friendly.
    Love them both!

  10. To me Monica is a better singer vocally but Brandy was more of a marketable artist. I actually like both and I don’t feel they get the props they deserve in music. 90s female and male artists were great there music will always be timeless. I also do miss that we had a variety of female singers Jamari. Whitney, Mariah, Janet, Toni, Mary J Blige set the standards in the 90s. Aaliyah, Brandy, Monica, to me were also the younger standard and the we had the great girl groups. To me this new era will of singers will never touch any of these classic timeless women. They are too busy fighting on Instagram and Twitter.

  11. Brandy is referred to as the “Vocal Bible”. She’s the only one with that title. That’s a huge honor. Brandy is a vocal beast and can do so many vocal runs and has a great technique. Monica is also a force to be reckoned with also though. You can’t take that away from her though. They are both EXTRODINARY singers!

  12. Monica is soulful and a great songtress, but Brandy is hands down a better vocalist, and can do things with her voice that are unreal. She sings in a lower register much like Toni Braxton and Anita Baker and these singers are often overlook because they dont sing dramatic high notes which many people equate to being a great vocalist. Brandy has a tone that is unmatched. Monica has more R&B flavored music out, but listening to some of her live performances I see lots of struggle, Brandy has better control of her instrument. Brandy unfortunately has been saddled down with lots of pop productions and not enough pure R&B to really showcase her unique voice on record. Actually when they were in their heyday, I thought they were both good but nothing great because it was so many great young singers out then, but listening years later, I realized that Brandy was better and rose above the pack.

    1. ^you are def right t.
      damn you definitely put that into perspective.
      brandy def shows out on that mic.
      i learned she stacks her vocals which makes her sound so airy.
      a lot of artists today try to emulate brandy’s singing.
      i feel like beyonce does it little.
      i remember i watched this and it made me sad for her:

      she seems like she doesn’t believe in herself.

      1. I follow Brandy on IG and I think going through stardom at such a young age and experiencing a fall from grace at young age has humbled her. She seems like she is a genuine sweet person who is grateful for the love her fans show her. From what I understand, she is very sensitive and doesnt have a thick skin like many of these celebrities who try and play like public opinion does not matter to them. She will probably never ascend to the heights of stardom that she once had because she will not do scandalous things, or be this mysterious person everybody wants to know about, unlike how so many of these artist do things that have nothing to do with their talent just to stay in the spotlight. Dare I speak blasphemy and state that she is a much better vocalist than the one who everybody refers to as the Blood of the Lamb, I wont say her name for fear of being attacked or have a rootbox show up at my door to do me harm.

  13. I love this song and video, this was my fave throughout the 90s. I miss when we had lots of black females singers doing the damn thing and not just one or two like we do now.

    P.S. as much as I love Monica I was a bigger fan of brandy back in the day, most likely because of her show, music, and Cinderella movie with Whitney.

    1. ^yeah these days we have Beyoncé and Rihanna.
      back in the 90s,
      they had more variety.
      from the older chicks to the younger chicks.
      there was a different person with a different style and music topic.
      nowadays the Stan culture turns me completely off sometimes.

  14. I think technically speaking, Brandy has an edge on Monica. However, to me, Monica sings with more soul and feeling. Monica seems to have a larger fan base as well.

    1. ^ yeah brandy will always be the standard for 90s singing vixens.
      monica has a relatable swagg.
      she seems like that cool hood chick who does hair in her kitchen and you can go over there and she always got food cooked.

    2. @Sam…Moinica definitely had more feeling and soul to her vocals. Brandy has the better riffs.
      But Brandy’s fan base was much larger than Monica’s in it’s heyday. She had a television show to help her.

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