Jaden Smith Blooms!

tumblr_mm514xhtmX1qzt880o1_1280jaden smith is always changing his look.
you can never say he is boring.
one of my f-bi wanted me to see the eve changing style star.
check out what he wore to coachella this weekend…


lowkey: the smith cubs are an interesting duo.
this is what willow put up on her instagram last night:

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 7.10.53 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-18 at 7.11.00 PM….okay.

*pictures credit to owners
willow smith pictures credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

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23 thoughts on “Jaden Smith Blooms!”

    1. People from L.A. are definitely a different breed.

      I even met a cunt from Compton. You can only imagine my confusion lol

  1. I like it that they seem to be enjoying being teenagers and being able to express themselves at such a young age is good. Especially when many of us were probably told “you can’t and you shouldn’t ” when we were younger .

      1. does this make me lame for still liking my mean wearing slim and form fitting clothes?
        Can’t get with the “men wearing billowy dresses” thing lol. I know its a trend, and some guys can pull it off, but…idk…

  2. I actually love the Smith children for always throwing conventional wisdom on its prejudice head. They both seem light years ahead of not only their peers in their age group but most people. Of course money gives them a freedom that most of us dont have to express our true self. They are definitely not cookie cutters following trends but living by their own rules.

    1. Yes, I think they might represent the new age of the world that we might need to get used to. I still think they are an extreme representation though, but they fit the image good enough.
      They are definitely not cookie cutter, and they are interesting to watch!

  3. I find them interesting as a family. They definitely seem to have a message that they are trying to tell us inadvertently.
    I think this looks is drastic, but whatever, its not my life lol!
    I get strange looks from black men and I wear button ups and slim jeans, and he *comes out* wearing rose petals and dresses and he’s still “dawg”
    (see what I did there?) LOL
    I guess its a good thing for them to be comfortable in their own skin though. They’re just really odd about how they go about their business and portray themselves LOL

    1. This comment is too funny but know those same black who give you funny looks wouldn’t tell jaden smith shit lol! As a matter of fact they would probably give him a complimentary blow job just for being in his presence.

      1. YUP! That’s EXACTLY what I’m saying!
        Those people are just a bunch of clowns. I’m out here trying to have a nice classy look, and their bum hoodrat asses are trying to give me looks? Their pants are below their knees and they think they’re in a position to judge? I should be looking at THEM like they’re the aliens, but I don’t look at people I don’t like so…smh.
        and they would totally do the single ladies dance with Jaden if he asked them to.
        but I’M the weird one. *sigh* LOL!
        Imagine if he WEREN’T famous and trying to pull that? Omg. He can only express himself because he’s rich. All of a sudden, that means he gets to maintain his “masculinity”…while the rest of us normal people have to do jail time to prove our masculinity (not saying we have anythin we need to prove to strangers though). I could go on about this topic but I’ll stop here because I’m too long winded LOL! xD

      2. Lord knows most definitely to infinitely I will give Will Smith a complimentary blowjob and some ass too and eat his ass too cause he got a nice one

    2. Oh!!! Your comments are so dead on absolutely I could go on and on too but not enough time in the day lol! But I enjoyed your long windedness so carry on lol!

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