I Bet She Spots Him Alright (In More Ways Than 1)

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.36.43 AMisn’t this cute?
they met 3 years ago and have morphed into this exercising power duo.
well every couple has a freaky side they try to keep hidden.
crystinathebootyqueen and retrothysoul are NOT couple.
i’m not even going to post the pics,
but just check out their tumblr...
(this is every bit of nsfw and 18^)

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.41.14 AM

his pipe tho…
either way i have no judgment from me.
ima be all over my wolf like that.
…and he better be ready when i say “i’m horny”.tumblr_inline_nidsa310ty1qb3m57lowkey: look at them:

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 12.00.33 PMwho woulda thunk?
i wonder who turned who out?

pictures credited: his | hers

40 thoughts on “I Bet She Spots Him Alright (In More Ways Than 1)

  1. I’m sorry, but he is very unattractive to me. (I’m usually attracted to more “average” or slim guys instead of really muscular ones.)

    His muscles are just not in proportion with the rest of his body. Look at his hands compared to his arms and just… Uugh. He looks like a freak to me.

    That being said, he likes it and I guess she likes it, and that’s all that matters. I also thought they were in their mid-late 20’s.

  2. While I’m not into that much muscle by far AI must say that I find their page interesting call in the difference in I and at least he still packing a nice one however he reached the way he looks natural or some type of other shit I would actually love to have someone I could be free with to do certain shit in public

  3. smh too much penis for me no thanks and i’m not a fan of men on steroids it’s TOO MUCH and doesn’t look sexy to me, but to each his own i dont see how she takes that often

  4. I’m sorry but they look a mess lmao. Their bodies (especially his) look so weird. And I love bigger guys but his body is not proportionate. At all.

  5. I saw their tumblr a long time ago and was like “nope!” lol. I mean its their life do them but..I would never want to get involved in that lol

  6. They are wild! Lol. I just don’t understand why they have to put their personal business out there.

  7. OK…..umm jamari how in the hell did you stumble across this lol! I don’t whether to be intrigued or mortified I give her kudos for taking it like a pro but goddamn!!!!! Oh and btw his body looks hella weird but I can’t look away lol!

  8. When attention whores get together…smh

    I wonder will they feel the same when their kids see this? I doubt they’ll still be together since they’re “married” so young.

    Or when they do background checks for jobs, which are becoming more and more thorough as technology evolves, will it be cute then?

    Some shit should be private, must not be too content with the relationship.

      1. They’re dumb! At least create your own adult entertainment business where you own and control the content and can profit from it. Smh

      1. Tuh.

        All I’m saying is if you’re going to put yourself out there, might as well control the distribution of it and make money.

        Think bigger than just being an attention whore.

        There are housewives at home making money off doing webcam shows just walking around in heels for men with feet fetishes.

        This couple is putting it all out there for free!

        Furthermore, as someone who’s had some awesome sex and fucked people I didn’t know I was capable of pulling, if you have time to take 100 pictures with your phone in your hand, it’s NOT that good.Those people tend to be exhibitionists that get off more so of seeing the pictures and sharing them with the public and doing it in high risk, public places. The sex just facilitates that.

        So again why wouldn’t you want to make money off it? Local mindset!

        Thanks for your input and your assumptions though:)

  9. Damn I just found out about them about three days ago, the Foxhole be on top of it LoL! I had no idea about the back story however and had no idea they are so young, I thought they were in their late 20’s early 30’s. This dude is on the juice heavy and she is too. It is something about them in a freakish kind of way that is sort of a turn on. I keep trying to place this dudes face, he looks like somebody famous but I cant thank who right now.

    1. Wow! I said that same thing when I saw his face you remember that show the parent hood with Robert Townsend back in the day he looks like the boy how played Zaria’s boyfriend on the show just look it up you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    2. I had sent Jamari an email this morning about them Tajan lol. I saw them on a tumblr page last night, I was like damn they look weird but in a good way. I saw his instagram then found her tumblr page I was not ready when I saw those pics I was so turned on. Tajan, The Man, and Jay you guys always have me weak and turned on by your comments. I hope I find a wolf that’s like you’ll, that was so random and cheesy but I had to say it lol.

      1. omg my eyes O__O
        ME NEITHER… holy fck!
        uhmm…they’re a bit …weird… for my taste, but they’re cute for each other…
        and he’s too “much” everything for me..I’ll pass.

      2. Yeah, that’s an understatement my godt! LOL!
        Too big for me! and he’s too bulky for my taste, I like an athletic build but I like them to have a natural look to them. He looks like a walking boulder rofl. Too ripped lol

  10. Gaining muscle was the only way she was able to take that D on the regular. Her butt went from flat to sloped. I’m sure she could use the extra cushion.

  11. When I saw this on tumblr last night I didn’t even think that is body or third leg was real. I’m not mad at them I want to see videos now lol can you believe he is only 20.

    1. ^yeah we could do with some videos!
      i was all set for that.

      they young as hell.
      at least he isn’t slanging that big ass dick all over town.
      kudos to that.

      1. He could do some serious damage if he was slanging it around time. He has to stay with her lol.

  12. I have a thing for juice heads, but uuughhhhhhhhh. Even if he managed to get his waist more proportionate, it would still be too much. But good for them though….

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