Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 7.51.15 PMyes.
oh yes.
^that and vh-1’s “hit the floor” will be back next month on memorial day.
wassup with these “wait a year for my return” shows?
i gotta wait until next year for “girls”.
anyway vh-1 dropped a teaser trailer for the upcoming season 2…
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YOUR 64th THOUGHT: (64)

kmichelleflowers-1370285546well it happened tonight…
what we where waiting for went down.
i wanted to see how mimi would have reacted.some flowers to the head requires a prompt ass whuppin’.
did mimi do it?…

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The Pretend Reality Show

reality-tv-illustrationi always had a feeling reality shows were fake.
i didn’t want to believe it,
ya know?
people would tell me,
but i wanted to hold onto the hope it was at least realistic.
that bottle flying for that vixen’s head.
tearing up the store or restaurant.
“this bitch is shaking the table!”
that big ass armenian family and their wacky hijinks.
i thought it meant something.
who knew all of it was really all acting?
i should have known better.
i soon found out…

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Lil Mama Will Play What Rapper In What Made for TV Biopic??

looks like lil mama got a new job.
she has been casted in a new movie.
one about a real life 90s girl group who happen to be tomboys.
they been broke.
her character burned her baller wolf’s house down.
she also happened to die in a tragic car crash.
figured it out yet foxhole?…

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