The Pretend Reality Show

reality-tv-illustrationi always had a feeling reality shows were fake.
i didn’t want to believe it,
ya know?
people would tell me,
but i wanted to hold onto the hope it was at least realistic.
that bottle flying for that vixen’s head.
tearing up the store or restaurant.
“this bitch is shaking the table!”
that big ass armenian family and their wacky hijinks.
i thought it meant something.
who knew all of it was really all acting?
i should have known better.
i soon found out…

one of the good things about the city is there is always something going on.
you may turn the corner and end up on television.
you always know someone who is doing “something”.
well a friend of mine is currently filming a reality show.
she surprised me with the text today as i did laundry.
we been chatting back and forth all day about it.
i would blast the name,
but she is bound to contract and i’m not like that.
what has surprised me within this whole convo is how contrived everything is.
all the “fights” are planned.
they tell the show cast when and how to walk in rooms.
it’s so bad they even told people to tweet and let people know what’s happening.
how “real” is this?

i worked briefly on the set of a reality show myself.
it was the life of a big stylist in the fashion game.
in trying to get my number,
the stage hand told me everything.
she was told when to walk in the room.
it was so bad,
she had to start a random convo with her assistant as they walked in.
make sure it made her look “serious”.
they said.
he also told me how a vh-1 show he worked on,
they had all the scenes laid out like a tv show set.
who would be the guests and how they would interact.
it nearly destroyed the marriage of the star.
all for that fame, huh?

i’ll stick to scandal,
modern family,
and the walking dead.
i like my shows written and well acted these days.
i’m tired of all this “reality” show shit now anyway.

tumblr_mltcx0zjLK1qkj7b1o1_400lowkey: i guess this means that fight with joey/cons was fake?
evelyn and jenn’s basktball wife drama?
this whole atl housewives reunion shit is acting?
i would hate to think love and hiphop atl was one big crock of shit.
i bet these people are friends in real life.

2 thoughts on “The Pretend Reality Show

  1. I already knew this when the whole cast of The Hills and Laguna Beach said everything was set up. I considered those two shows as the catalyst of reality TV being so popular.

  2. It’s reality, but the scenes are set up. I was wondering why Mama Dee was talking to Scrappy about Shay in the first episode? The show has been off the air for months, and the reunion was taped in early August.They started filming second season late last year. I was like; “why is she just now asking scrappy is he still friends with shay?” They should have been talked about that. See what I mean? It’s real, but it’s just set up. For example, I’m on a reality show, and I have a cast member that I do not like, the producers may put the two of us in a room full of people knowing it won’t end well if we make some sort of contact with eachother

    I might as well stop. I know that I’m still going to be watching reality shows, and y’all will be too lol.

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