Ben Affleck Might Be Giving Back His “Batman” Cape

my spirit won’t let me watch the “batman vs superman” movie.
i’m just not feelin it for some reason.
i love batman,
but i just don’t feel like ben affleck will do it justice for me.
this is all in my head.
well rumor has it today,
ben may not be returning to reprise his role as batman.
this is what the a.v. club had to say…
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You Were Born To Be On the Bottom

from a young age,
i knew i wanted to be a bottom (fox).
i had an attraction to wolves as a cub,
but at the time,
i knew i wanted to be “the wife”.
i was a cub so that’s how i described it.
when it came to what i liked,
it never changed.
i had a strong affinity to the man’s man.
with dating vixens,
it was preconditioned i was “that male i was attracted to”,
but it didn’t come natural because i yearned for something more.
well as more studies come out about the gay life,
the more i may have been onto something.
researchers have discovered why some of us like being:

bottoms (foxes)
TOPS (wolves)
versatile ( HYbrids )

according to an article a foxholer sent me from aazah
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I Don’t Fit Into The Gay Life

there has been a lot of discussion within the foxhole lately.
it has been about relationships or the life in general.
the thing i love about the foxhole is how intelligently we debate.
i’ve been thinking about something that i’ve wanted an opinion on.
so everyone in the life talks about:

“you shouldn’t be following heterosexual norms”
“there should be no roles as far as dating”
“wolf? top? hybrid? what?”

but then my thing is
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f0xmail: I’m Questioning My Role As A “Fox”. Help!


hello dear jamari…

you have no idea how I love your post and relate to some of the things you do say, knowing that you are more of a fox,helps me to really follow and see the dynamics in this lifestyle, I’m writing to you because,I don’t know what is going on with me, I started my sexual life 2 years ago as a fox,but it feels like I don’tknow if i enjoy the anal sex or not,I know I’m more of a fox since I seen a porn in my life (straight and gay)I knew I was the bottom,but for some reason I feel like I haven’t had “the”sex yet,the type that will make you go crazy even over the person or only his “third leg”.

is it because I’m a bit cynical in my nature that’s why I can’t let go ?
or its just I met awful tops lol?
or should I go for the 100%  my type physically?
(because i tend to lose my hard on and getting bored )

let me know what you think
I would like to hear your point of view,
that would help me a lot as a fox (don’t know any around me:-(
have a good day

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Some Choose To Have Their Pound Cakes Spread While Others Pound Em

lay down,
spread em,
legs back,
turn around,
face down,
tail up,
repeat… maybe?
the role of the fox.
all for the sake of pleasure and pleasing.
don’t you love it?

x whats a fox?

in this lifestyle,
it seems being a fox is like being a serial killer.
you feed the neighborhood rats with body parts.
when you choose to receive instead of give,
or do both,
it opens up for many opinions and criticism.
“why you…”
“ugh i mean…”
“what the…”

tumblr_mlha0qpVho1qbtzbno1_500 when the wolves look down <<<<<
like who you plan on fuckin’, negro?
it kills me the mass hysteria it creates that i had to ask…

Whats the big deal with being a fox?

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Lil Mama Will Play What Rapper In What Made for TV Biopic??

looks like lil mama got a new job.
she has been casted in a new movie.
one about a real life 90s girl group who happen to be tomboys.
they been broke.
her character burned her baller wolf’s house down.
she also happened to die in a tragic car crash.
figured it out yet foxhole?…

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