Ya’ll Respect The Shot, but Jamari Respects The Shooter.

the joker.
the riddler.
poison ivy.

i have always been a fan of superheroes.
but, I have always been a bigger fan of super villains.
something about them intrigued me.
the reasons for why they turned “bad” were often valid points.

joker wanted batman to smile.
poison ivy wanted people to treat the planet better.
venom kills people who commit any crimes.
magneto hated how people treated mutants.
cat woman wasn’t “bad”, she was more versatile.

but, I often wondered if these people were really “bad”,
or were they just hurt?
I started to wonder…

Is there such a thing as a genuinely “good guy“?

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The Bigger The Dick; The Bigger The Bitch?

Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids!
Welcome to Jamari Fox’s New Role Show!

An exciting and jam-packed experience for many a like!
But, it seems for a twist in the story has… changed.
Watch the noble Fox be the “man” in the relationship!
Ready for the scenes where he put his Wolf in his place and slap him around?
Some romantic scenes where the Wolf wants to be held and has his feelings talked about

And, in the final act, the Wolf gives himself up to his Fox and enjoys being dominated!


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