Some Choose To Have Their Pound Cakes Spread While Others Pound Em

lay down,
spread em,
legs back,
turn around,
face down,
tail up,
repeat… maybe?
the role of the fox.
all for the sake of pleasure and pleasing.
don’t you love it?

x whats a fox?

in this lifestyle,
it seems being a fox is like being a serial killer.
you feed the neighborhood rats with body parts.
when you choose to receive instead of give,
or do both,
it opens up for many opinions and criticism.
“why you…”
“ugh i mean…”
“what the…”

tumblr_mlha0qpVho1qbtzbno1_500 when the wolves look down <<<<<
like who you plan on fuckin’, negro?
it kills me the mass hysteria it creates that i had to ask…

Whats the big deal with being a fox?

tumblr_mie8xzrogM1s2hjgfo1_500_largei like being a fox.
i never banged someone out before.
had no desire to.
it has nothing to do with being feminine at all.
i just like being dominated.
(powerful) aggressive masculine men are sexy as shit.
having one on top of you is even better.
see what i did there?
i’ll eat and squeeze the life out his cakes,
maybe stick a finger in,
but i’m not interested in penetration.
i have had my gang of criticism because of what i chose to do:

“i mean i hate people who still use labels. i’m whatever and i like it that way.”
1) that’s a label 2) youz a hoe 3) get the hell out my face with that bullshit.
“its so un-natural to just want dick only…”
no, whats unnatural is your blown out bootyhole so this is why you are forced to use ya pipe…
“you wouldn’t use your dick? that’s so weird.”
nope and even if i did, i wouldn’t use it on you..
“you are single because you aren’t a vers.”
funny your last relationship ended because you/both cheated and right now you’re single so….
“straight people have labels. we’re gay so we shouldn’t…”
well because of that,  you have no direction and it has you looking ran thru on gay blvd so again…

i’m a smart ass and can do this all day and night.
i promise you.

shotsfiredthe thing is,
it doesn’t matter what we choose to do (or don’t),
men are too concerned with sex to take anyone serious these days.
you can be masculine or feminine,
the fucker or fuckee,
we are just a potential man somone is trying to fuck… and that’s pretty much it.
so my role really doesn’t matter at this point because everyone has chosen to be a label: hoe.

1364106569_tumblr_mcso5evKj81rhnuv6o1_500being “the fox”.
why do people look down on you because of it?
does being a free spirit really guarantee you to be chose?
or does it mean you just have three body parts that can rack up the miles?
i really don’t give a fuck what role you are.
none of my business.
all i ask is you do it safely.
i do give a fuck about what i do and who i want.
i’ve had vers not even ask me for dick.
they liked me enough to respect my choice.
(choice tho… like i’m choosing to keep his baby or some shit smh.)
all i want is for someone to love the shit out of me and fuck me passionately stupid.
is that so wrong?
so i started to wonder…

Your personal role playing = does it really matter?

17 thoughts on “Some Choose To Have Their Pound Cakes Spread While Others Pound Em


    People just want they want. They shouldn’t be judged for it. I notice people will make a masculine DL person in the entertainment industry feel like he is less than a man because he likes dick. Gays and women are notorious for this treatment and its really sad considering they like sick as well. It really comes from “masculine/feminine” jealousy. Notice the only people hating on masculine bottoms or men who get turned out are queens and lonely single women.

  2. The stigma is really ridiculous. It’s really just a bunch of people that are still learning to love themselves. I haven’t really experienced any negative views on the fact that I enjoy receiving kielbasa. I just get asked questions. Not anything disrespectful, but funny. After I explain to them that taking dick provides me with some of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever experienced, they get it! When women ask me questions, I just reveal to them the parallels of what I do, and what they do…. They say, “but it’s your butt, it’s dirty, and harbors bacteria!”, and I say, “your butt, may be dirty, but I clean mine. and what’s the difference? Your vagina carries bacteria as well, but you’re not sending folk away. You just clean up shop, and get down to business.” What trips me out is that most of the chicks that ask me the questions have tried anal, LOLOL. My straight guy friends haven’t asked me anything about it… yet. My gay friends don’t think it’s an issue. They ask me what I like to do, I tell them when I’m with my man, I’m down for whateva, but I REALLY like to get that dick, and they’re like, cool!

      1. I have a question for you.You meet this sexy, smart, funny, rich, masculine , single guy.He says he is strictly a bottom, not versatile.Is that a wrap? Is there a future for you two? Could you marry a bottom?

        1. ^they can both fuck but they won’t be compatible.
          star fox was a strict bottom like myself.
          he was handsome and thought the same for me,
          but we didn’t want to put our dicks in each other.
          i also feel like bottoms know their kind so we don’t do too much.
          i been fooled before,
          but you can pretty much tell who inhales dick 100% once you get around them and observe their actions.

  3. Thanks Jamari!

    That’s a strong point. “Those same assholes are using their assholes.” LOL. Exactly. Like you may not be using it NOW….but u have used it…and u will probably use it later. So WTF?

    I read somewhere (Or maybe I didn’t) that the stigma against bottoming is rooted in misogyny. It privileges the masculine and is a result of patriarchy. Makes sense that the gay community would simply take some of those traditions from the straights and force them into our own relationships. More specifically the passive partner. SMH.

    1. ^”everybody wants to be gay,
      but no one wants to be called out for what gays do.”

      very good point you provided atl.
      can i ask you why you haven’t indulged in some man on man action?
      if its too personal,
      please feel free to say:

      “mind ya damn business”


  4. I’m glad you posted this. Cuz I have questions. Please excuse my Deborah moment. I’ve never engaged in any man on man action…..but I’m always amused when I see gays call each other a bottom as an insult. I don’t understand the stigma. Especially when most men SGL (sexually active) men have taken it up the rear at some point. I’ve seen feminine men use it as an insult as well, which perplexes me……

    I guess everyone does have preferences. A masculine guy can be a bottom and a feminine man can be a top…..but I just don’t understand why it’s so taboo. A feminine man who strictly tops is not any more desirable to me than a masculine man who bottoms. Both of them like dick……and at some point in a relationship roles are gonna be flipped.

    Like when ya’ll meet a potential new partner do ya’ll have discussions on who will top and how often? Who will bottom? Where does femininity vs masculinity play in this?

    I’m just confused. Someone enlighten me.

    1. ^i’ll answer from my standpoint.
      gay men use bottom as an insult like the straights do.
      being a nasty human being isn’t an insult.
      being a bottom is… like what?
      it’s very annoying and a huge contradiction.
      those same assholes are using their assholes so im really lost.
      one of the reasons i stay away from gays because shit like that makes me want to pop someone’s lip.
      the common gays have a habit of being spiteful,
      and trying to rebel against everyone because they feel everyone is out to get them.
      most of the time they are the ones who are the villain in the storyline.

      when it comes to me meeting a partner,
      dudes usually think i’m a wolf.
      i know the potential foxes, vers, or wild queens because they tend to be bolder.
      real wolves are always shy around me at first.
      i’m usually asked or it just naturally happens as he gets to know me.

      what are you? – him
      bottom. – me
      oh ok good. – him
      is that cool? – me
      yeah cause i’m a top… – him”
      is how many of my interests start out.

      femininity and masculine is just within that person and who they are.
      some men are really feminine,
      others are masculine,
      most are in-between.
      …then they either want to be fucked,
      like fuckin,
      do both,
      don’t do anything and just really like oral.
      it really depends on the person and their personality.

    2. I don’t think bottom is that offensive. To me, it just means you like getting piped, but there are some tops who try and make it seem being a bottom is degrading, it’s not. Most gay men are versatile or bottoms, that’s what’s in.

      Us tops love you guys. Without y’all we’d be devastated lol. Women can’t replace y’all either.

      1. What I don’t get are tops who claim they like turning other tops into bottoms.I’m like “Why, bottoms out number tops enough as it is, there are tons of bottoms you can fuck, so why try and turn a top into a bottom.”It makes no sense.If you’re a top then your spoiled with so many bottoms you have to choose from, but for strict bottoms, it’s hard to find a top.They don’t need even more competition.I think some verse dudes top just because they have to, not because they want to.It’s sort of like women sucking dick.It’s more of a compromise.

        I am verse though.I was reading your definitions of Wolf, Fox, and Hybrids.I’m definitely like a hybrid.I get bored doing just one position and need to switch.I can’t be a strict bottom or top.However, if I were in a relationship with a strict bottom then I guess I could use a dildo or something.I wouldn’t mind, I guess.

      2. Those “tops” are actually verse or bottoms. You can’t turn out a true top. I would never let a dude get my ass. NEVER.

  5. i agree whole heartedly with you…I’m a bottom and i have no desire to be a top but every now then when i give a top some nice tongue action they’re ready to reverse roles or think it over lol i think alot of men who claim to be tops are vers these days…this guy ive been seeing for some time now, once when sucked him off from the back and ate his ass a little he lost his damn mind and started asking me did i ever top before i told him but truth be told i did YEARRRS ago with this slim, sexy blonde haired white boy who had an ass out of this world that was like 2009…anyways that was the only one but i feel like no one should feel uncomfortable in the bedroom and that everyone should be able to be who they are whether it’s a fox (bottom) wolf (top) or a mixture of both….man you have the greatest blog i swear lol even my straight homegirl loves the blog now i put her on to it and she can’t get enough of the wolfs you display lol haha

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