You Were Born To Be On the Bottom

from a young age,
i knew i wanted to be a bottom (fox).
i had an attraction to wolves as a cub,
but at the time,
i knew i wanted to be “the wife”.
i was a cub so that’s how i described it.
when it came to what i liked,
it never changed.
i had a strong affinity to the man’s man.
with dating vixens,
it was preconditioned i was “that male i was attracted to”,
but it didn’t come natural because i yearned for something more.
well as more studies come out about the gay life,
the more i may have been onto something.
researchers have discovered why some of us like being:

bottoms (foxes)
TOPS (wolves)
versatile ( HYbrids )

according to an article a foxholer sent me from aazah

Researchers believe they have discovered specific biological markers for gay men adopting preferred sexual positions.

In other words, gay men might be predisposed to being a bottom or a top. For example, bottoms can exhibit indicators such as having older brothers, being left-handed or not conforming to gender norms from an early age.

Researchers at the University of Toronto Mississauga believe ‘non-right handedness’ is a major biological factor.
The study states: ‘Among gay men, variation in gender nonconformity appears to correspond with variation in anal sex role behavior.

‘Specifically, gay men with an insertive anal sex role (i.e., tops) scored higher on masculine personality traits compared to males with a receptive (i.e., bottom) anal sex role preference.

‘Conversely, bottoms scored higher on feminine personality traits compared to tops.

‘[S]elf-identified tops rated themselves as more masculine compared to bottoms… and tops were more likely to score higher on male-typical cognitive styles while bottoms were higher on female-typical cognitive styles,’ the research indicated.

A similar research paper released in January this year believes it is a combination of learnt and biological factors.

It found that ‘sexual position self-label was learned over a 15-year time-span.’

New York Medical College’s David A. Moskowitz said: ‘Put simply, the more good or bad sexual experiences, over time, lead people to a role.

‘I specifically conducted [the] study to try to prove that anal penetrative role was far more innate than ever thought.

‘[I] ardently believe that biology plays a vital role in predisposing individuals towards more of a bottom or top orientation,’ he told Jezebel.

…but wait.
i’m right handed,
no older brothers,
and i think i always stuck to “gender norms”.
so does this mean i’m really a wolf?

i honestly am very happy being a fox.
my sexual role doesn’t determine who i am.
it is a small factor in the makings of jamari fox.
i do both feminine and masculine things.
the study is interesting tho.

Does that study reflect who you are?

i may need one of the intelligent foxholers to break it down more.
i found myself confused af.

to read the full article:


lowkey: some gays need to stop bullying thosewho like their labels.
as long as no one is getting hurt,
why it such a big deal?

article credited: aazah

10 thoughts on “You Were Born To Be On the Bottom

  1. I’m left handed and have 3older brothers. Im masculine presenting physically but am very “feminine” when it comes to emotions. I enjoy both but am more inclined to bottom.

  2. The studies are definitely interesting and I do buy some of what they’re selling but there still needs to be more done on the subject. For myself the left handed theory does ring true. I was told by family that I was born left handed but switched to using my right so I could suck on my left thumb in early childhood lol. And I self describe as a fox. I think ultimately tho biology paired with life experiences determines one’s position. The old nature vs. nurture concept

  3. if I had describe myself, I would say that I’m a fox.
    Fox is one those animals that you know is their but the rarely seen.
    but on rare occasion I can also be a wolf.

  4. I think there could be some truth to the study. I believe some people are going a little too literal with what people view as masculine and feminine traits. Its a scientific study so I’m pretty sure the definition of feminine characteristics goes deeper than “Do you wear makeup?” or “Do you know all the choreography to ‘Single Ladies’?”

    They’re probably rating different cognitive traits and ratings by gender. It’s more than likely stuff like if tested does your score for empathy, aggression, nurturing, and so on fall more in the range of where most women fall when tested or where most men fall when tested.

  5. Jamari,

    I did get the jist of the article, but I feel like that the article doesn’t defy me. Yeah I have like two older brothers, but I’m not a feminine gay bottom man. I’m in-between masculine and feminine. Or in this case, a butch queen. I’m not a makeup guru or some drag queen that lipsynchs for my life. I also am not someone who wants to wear women’s clothes and walk in heels and have a purse etc. because me I’m into wearing jeans and timberland. I also would go deeper into the foxhole of the topic, but I’m only going to enter in halfway. Gender roles in my opinion are shared between both the man and the woman and will continue so. In a same sex relationship, there are no gender roles, just two men sharing responsibilities. So with that said, I rather watch my man and take care of him just as much as he is to me. That’s it! I’ll go into further detail when everyone else chimes in.

  6. I have read several studies that say 20 to 30 percent of MSM( men who have sex with men) don’t even have anal sex.They engage in oral sex,mutual masturbation, frottage,etc. So I am curious how these researchers would label those guys.😂

  7. Its wrong in so many ways and it doesn’t matter I recommend you do you I mean don’t some tranny do top roles as well

  8. I don’t buy into these studies. Usually the participants are picked so as to get a “sample” they picked some masc guys and some feminine guys…probably a,total of 100 to be a,sample size for millions. I don’t think we are that black and white and if they are like most probably didn’t answer all questions absolutely truthful. I have know clue if people were to rate my masculinity on a scale of 1 to 10…where they would rate me nor get it right.

    Based on my characteristics the study is already wrong.

    1. I definitely agree with Tony on this. Plus not trying to be funny but I’ve always said that “A Sexual Position is not a Character Trait”. Its just a sexual position. But that’s just my opinion.

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