You Were Born To Be On the Bottom

from a young age,
i knew i wanted to be a bottom (fox).
i had an attraction to wolves as a cub,
but at the time,
i knew i wanted to be “the wife”.
i was a cub so that’s how i described it.
when it came to what i liked,
it never changed.
i had a strong affinity to the man’s man.
with dating vixens,
it was preconditioned i was “that male i was attracted to”,
but it didn’t come natural because i yearned for something more.
well as more studies come out about the gay life,
the more i may have been onto something.
researchers have discovered why some of us like being:

bottoms (foxes)
TOPS (wolves)
versatile ( HYbrids )

according to an article a foxholer sent me from aazah
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Tank Will “Versatiley” Beat Your Ass For Saying He DL

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 4.39.19 PMtank is getting back to what made him great
good to see him working that bawdy out.
so tank is not gay.
he claims he ain’t d/l or a hybrid either.
bimbo winehouse,
the one who outed mr. cee,
accused tank of being all of those things to perez hilton.
no ounce of chill on labor day weekend tho.
tank wasn’t having it and well via the shade room
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