Tank Will “Versatiley” Beat Your Ass For Saying He DL

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 4.39.19 PMtank is getting back to what made him great
good to see him working that bawdy out.
so tank is not gay.
he claims he ain’t d/l or a hybrid either.
bimbo winehouse,
the one who outed mr. cee,
accused tank of being all of those things to perez hilton.
no ounce of chill on labor day weekend tho.
tank wasn’t having it and well via the shade room

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 4.38.25 PM
i think perez got caught up in the cross fire.
i wonder what sparked bimbo to make these comments?
judging from bimbo’s ( x twitter ),
he is throwing wild accusations out there about everyone.
terrence j and michael b jordan at atlanta pride?
should i have booked a flight?

the whole situation seems ultra beam messy and “click bait”-ish,
but bimbo was on the money about mr. cee a few years ago.
if these male celebs aren’t out here putting anyone health at risk…

…Why out them?

unless you trying to get fucked,
these outers are going about it the wrong way.

lowkey: i’m more shocked perez is a wolf.

clapback taken: the shade room

15 thoughts on “Tank Will “Versatiley” Beat Your Ass For Saying He DL

  1. It’s shit like this that will get you CUT one day. Bimbo is a messy bitch and he is the type of gay that all should stay well clear from. The ones who hang with him aren’t any better. You are the company you keep. One day he will fuck around & catch a loose one. Not every guy plays with this outing business, many will hurt you severely if you expose them. Celebrities also have money and with that comes power. The power to get people to do things for you.

    Just remember Walter Hampton getting sliced up like he was raw pork in the damn Meat Market after he attempted to “out” Tyler Perry. And tbh people like that deserve what they get. If the person hasn’t done any foul shit to you, what makes you think that it is your right to out them? You don’t know people’s living situations to go through extremes like that. I hate gay guys like him.

    1. πŸ˜‚I’m talking had him sliced and then made him keep quiet about it. He learned his lesson fast, never tried it again.

  2. Outers are weak minded men who have nothing better to do. And somewhere in their minds they feel that being gay is wrong because what exactly are you exposing, especially if you’re gay yourself. I’m openly gay, not flamboyant but open I don’t hide it,however the guys I usually attract are men who are on the low. So I’ve come across guys that just want someone to talk to while expressing their experiences and in most cases I’m listening like Iyanla Vanzant and many of them are scared already. I couldn’t taking the info they’re giving me and putting on them blast. Not everything is meant to be shared, this generation has no discretion and fail to realize that this kind of behavior will get you killed in 2016.

  3. I hate when people feel the need to “out” someone. It is everyone’s own decision if they want to discuss their sexuality. I hate bitter messy mf’s like bimbo.

  4. Bimbo thinks that he is so famous since he exposed Mr. Cee. But he needs to understand, there are plenty of dudes that would F U C K him up over his mouth.

  5. Damn, they went in on him and were discussing his sexuality in a causal way. Leave Tank alone and let him live lol. He does look good tho. Y’all see that body?

  6. This Bimbo character is a Hot One, if you ever seen any of his Youtube vids, you know to just pay him dust because honestly he seems like he may be a little slow. Wow, Tank fell for the bait and looks pressed arguing with a nobody. Most male entertainers should be used to this type of fuckery by now and keep it moving. Tank also may be a little slow.

    1. Slow or maybe he loves the attention. I mean you can’t get mad when the homos come for you when you admitted that you like your salad tossed.

  7. Typical f@g shit…πŸ˜’ um Mr./Ms. Bimbo, NOBODY is checking for you! Especially not Tank. Get a damn grip, grow up, and gallop you horse face ass to the next LA Fitness πŸ˜”

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