Braylon Edwards Cleans Up Well (And Isn’t Washed Up)

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i’m happy that he cut that barbarian beard off…
i was just thinking about braylon edwards the other day.
when they are out of sight,
they end up being out of mind and floating in oblivion.
well just after i thought about him,
a tweet of his slid up my timeline.
he has a gig working on sports nation and sports center at espn in la.
that means more of him looking like this

ix3ucbraylon knows how to wear a suit!
my inner parts just exploded.
i’m glad to see he is doing good and not being some washed up loser.
he also had an opinion on colin kaepernick’s stance on “whitlock 101”:

…and he can talk!
a baller wolf who can speak intelligently.


what’s good pa?
i can iron your suits and have your shoes clean.
holla at me.
he has been a foxhole fav since his debut on my site.
keep it up braylon!

lowkey: he met up with his ol buddy,
kerry rhodes in la recently…

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 2.08.44 PM

i see kerry is still engaged to the snow bunny.

photos credited: braylon edwards

11 thoughts on “Braylon Edwards Cleans Up Well (And Isn’t Washed Up)

  1. Ahh..he does look good. I am glad his beard is gone as well. I see his friend Kerry is living the good life with his lady. I’m gone be nice today, so I will leave it at that.

  2. Colin Kaepernick is not black. He’s mixed, mulatto or biracial and it’s racist to call him black. What it means to be black
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  3. Thats Bae right there, always one of my Top Ten favorite dudes of all time, just pure perfection. Lawd Lawd, it dont make no sense for a man to be this damn fine LOL!

  4. Damn he is a talker and a good one as well. Frankly these networks out to get rid of these old tired heads and put on some fyne Braylon Edwards on TV . Damn articulate . And easy on the eyes. But then I am speaking from a prejudice point of view . Braylon has ways been my favourite.

  5. 😍 My weak spot is a man that can carry a conversation like this and keep it professional even if he disagrees. Rodney can learn a thing or two

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