Janet Jackson Sends A Kite For Her Fans About This Tour

she speaks!
janet jackson had a message for all of her fans yesterday.
in  a video she posted,
janet spoke candidly about the divorce and that tour ya’ll been asking about.

no refund?

well this is what she had to say via her website

that was very interesting that she mentioned the divorce.
i’m more shocked she revealed that they were in court.
i hope she can drum together a “velvet rope: 2” for us.
mary’s new album is soaring because of her own divorce drama.
as for the tour,
i have this feeling she will be back to “miss janet if ya nasty”.
she won’t have to perform in a full blanket for the continuation.
i wonder tho…

Will she be bringing the baby out on the road with her?

i have a feeling that won’t fly with the ex hubz.

video taken: janet jackson

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Sends A Kite For Her Fans About This Tour”

  1. I’m sooo here for this. The Unbreakable tour was my first time seeing her live and I was on my feet dancing the whole time. Hope she come back to L.A. so I can see her again.

    I hope she isn’t in a full blanket when she performs also lol

  2. I love how she side eyed her brother Randy when he said she put on more than a few lbs.Last week there was a pic of Janet and Randy at a Bruno Mars Concert so I think we are going to be seeing her out more since she is no longer with her husband.I also think she is not going to be as covered up when the tour resumes.

  3. I’m so glad she spoke out regarding both situations. Hopefully the divorce doesn’t get nasty. I am excited for the tour though. I went during the first leg, and she was great. I’m looking forward to going to this tour as well.

  4. My girl Janet is back in action. I love this lady. In the video she seems so relaxed and peaceful. Im so shocked that she spoke about divorce and being in court. I wonder what happened for them to fall out right after the baby, but it looks like she is back in control. I’m also surprised she spoke about her weight gain, I can’t wait for the snapback. She’s going to be getting in shape to perform and then when she starts dancing in rehearsals that weight is going to fall completely off, you can tell she has been working out already, because her face is slimming down. I think her estranged husband travels a lot with his work so I’m guessing the baby will be on tour with her for those four months. I could be wrong but I don’t think she will be covered up. I’m ready for the sexy age appropriate tour outfits, with male dancers, and not holding back with the sexy dance moves.

  5. Super cute chill video I’m excited now, thanks to Apple Music I’ve been listening to Janet heavy for the past year. I really want to see her live now

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