jamari fox is soft

i will never forget being a cub and going out with my father one day.
i had to be about 8 or 9.
i was very shy growing up.
i literally only spoke when spoken too.
my father brought me to show me off to one of his friends.
it was some older males and one older vixen.
i remember i was sitting in the front seat of his car.
i was literally just sitting there.
this older male looks at me and says:

your son is soft.
he real soft.”

i will never forget

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“Check It”: A Gay Gang!

the gay/bi community have always been tough.
being gay/bi is not the easiest of lives to live.
add on being “black” and it is a whole nother story.
“soft” isn’t always weak.
there is strength in what others deem as “sweet”.
some of the gay/bi baller wolves are perfect examples.
who you fuck,
or how you’re raised,
doesn’t determine your masculinity.
well louis c.k. has captured being gay in another light.
this time in a gang setting.
this is what variety had to say about it…
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Janet Jackson Sends A Kite For Her Fans About This Tour

she speaks!
janet jackson had a message for all of her fans yesterday.
inĀ  a video she posted,
janet spoke candidly about the divorce and that tour ya’ll been asking about.

no refund?

well this is what she had to say via her website
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foXXX: All The Wolves Like To Bang Ratchet Coochie

if not all,
wolves like ratchet cooch.
as much as they try to deny it,
they will do dumb shit to get a a taste of “hoodrat hoe”.
something about the pussy being better.
something about them doing whatever for pipe.
who knows.
all i know is one of my fav hoodrat hoes,
lady que,
vanished of private black couples.
i was a little concerned,
but she is back!
a vix-bi who is a big fan updated me tonight…
(nsfw and 18^)
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ap_abc_george_trayovn_kb_130625_wgglad to have gotten your attention.,
one of my faithful readers run got mine.

x see here

we can go on twitter and instagram to vent all day,
but let’s do something about it.
something that should only take you 5 minutes tops…


Tyler Perry Wants You All To Turn Back Around

tyler-perryseems like tyler heard about the “walter hampton” situation.

x see situation 1
x see situation 2

he wrote an open letter in regards to people “living in the past”.
rhymes with snitch got it and now i’m giving it…

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