“Check It”: A Gay Gang!

the gay/bi community have always been tough.
being gay/bi is not the easiest of lives to live.
add on being “black” and it is a whole nother story.
“soft” isn’t always weak.
there is strength in what others deem as “sweet”.
some of the gay/bi baller wolves are perfect examples.
who you fuck,
or how you’re raised,
doesn’t determine your masculinity.
well louis c.k. has captured being gay in another light.
this time in a gang setting.
this is what variety had to say about it…

Louis C.K. has made a move into movie distribution, releasing the gang documentary “Check It” through his website.

“Check It,” which is executive produced by Steve Buscemi, follows the members of black gay gang in Washington, D.C. as they attempt to survive. C.K. announced the release through an email to his subscribers.

“It knocked me right over,” he said. “It was an amazing emotional ride. It was funny and moving, I learned a lot and it gave me a lot to think about after.”

“Check It” is directed by Toby Oppenheimer and Dana Flor, who followed the gang members for four years as they dealt with harassment, poverty, and violence. The comedian saw the film at the Tribeca Film Festival in April at the behest of Buscemi.

“It’s about a gay black street gang in DC (the only one documented in the country) made up of kids who were living on the streets and easy targets for violence and harassment,” he explained. “They started this gang to protect each other. They made a family where they didn’t have one.”
He also admitted that the film is not easy to watch: “It takes on life right where the rubber hits the road. What made me love it was just the kids themselves. They are like any kids, like anyone’s children. They are trying to cope against terrible odds, they are funny and full of hope and life. Their lives are difficult and complex. They are very generous in sharing this with the filmmakers and you, if you watch the film.”

C.K. also said that the film can be purchased for $5 “like everything else on my site.” Additionally, he put together a customized trailer for “Check It,” which can be watched here:

i really like how it’s shot.
i notice everyone has been taking pictures like that on social media.
that very raw like quality.
i’ve been really into photography as of late.
this looks interesting tho.
i like to take myself out of my life and step in another.
that is how you learn.
it might be an interesting view.
if you want to see more of “check it”:


article: variety

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on ““Check It”: A Gay Gang!”

  1. They’re no joke. When I’m walking around Chinatown/DC and one makes a comment I just keep on walking 😂😂.

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