Dave Chappelle Has No Fucks To Give About The #Metoo Movement?

i remember when dave chappelle left hollywood.
he felt pressured in making a season 2 for “the dave chappelle show”.
he had a lot to say about what was happening bts too.
dave has always been very honest.
is he being too honest with his recent jokes tho?
in his comedy special,
“the bird revelation” on netflix,
he spoke about two alleged perverts who recently got banished.
 louis c.k and kevin spacey.
a foxholer sent me what he had to say…
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“Check It”: A Gay Gang!

the gay/bi community have always been tough.
being gay/bi is not the easiest of lives to live.
add on being “black” and it is a whole nother story.
“soft” isn’t always weak.
there is strength in what others deem as “sweet”.
some of the gay/bi baller wolves are perfect examples.
who you fuck,
or how you’re raised,
doesn’t determine your masculinity.
well louis c.k. has captured being gay in another light.
this time in a gang setting.
this is what variety had to say about it…
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