Dave Chappelle Has No Fucks To Give About The #Metoo Movement?

i remember when dave chappelle left hollywood.
he felt pressured in making a season 2 for “the dave chappelle show”.
he had a lot to say about what was happening bts too.
dave has always been very honest.
is he being too honest with his recent jokes tho?
in his comedy special,
“the bird revelation” on netflix,
he spoke about two alleged perverts who recently got banished.
 louis c.k and kevin spacey.
a foxholer sent me what he had to say…

about louis c.k.:

“I shouldn’t say this, but f–k it, (his) allegations were the only one that made me laugh. Show business is just harder than that. I know that sounds f–ked up, I’m not supposed to say that, but one of these ladies was like, ‘Louis C.K. was masturbating while I was on the phone with him.’ B—h, you don’t know how to hang up a phone? How the f–k are you going to survive in show business if this is an actual obstacle to your dreams?”

kevin spacey:

‘I mean it is really bad out here. Kevin Spacey’s out here grabbing men by the p***y! I didn’t even know that was possible! I’ve been to a lot of parties in my day. Never been to a good one that had 14-year-old boys in it. Kevin Spacey sniffed that s*** out like a truffle pig. And not to victim-blame, but it seems like the kind of situation that a gay 14-year-old kid would get himself into. All joking aside, Kevin Spacey shouldn’t have done that s*** to that kid. He was 14 years old and forced to carry a grown man’s secret for 30 years. The saddest part is, if he had been able to carry that secret for another six months, I would get to know how House of Cards ends.”

everyone is saying dave has always been this way”,
and he was just making jokes”,
but if it was someone else who said it…

Would it be okay?

i get it’s a comedian’s job to poke fun at current events,
but is it always in good taste?
i had to wonder

Are comedians the only ones who can get a pass for saying what’s on their minds?

article quotes cc: ny daily news | the daily mail

12 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle Has No Fucks To Give About The #Metoo Movement?

  1. Dave Chappelle is a putrid bigot who shields his bigotry under the guise of comedy. But I look forward to that day when Karma kicks him off his high ass.

  2. Not okay. I do stand up part time and I always get ppl hollering without being offensive. I can be a bit insensitive to certain things but sexual assault is something I’ve seen some victimsort never come back from. It’s not funny nor will it ever be.

    1. JimmyDean16 please qualify your statement … rape is not the same as hearing someone masterbate over the phone… I really dislike the term sexual assault because it is misunderstood by most people as a legal term and they don’t actually know what it refers too. It is unfair to woman to class everything together. Some people go through a lot more trauma than others and those who are on the light end of things shouldn’t piggy back on those women who have been through hell… it is super annoying how you make a generic statement .. this is what Dave is getting at… you obviously missed the point entirely and I would recommend rewatching several times … pausing and seeing if you even ‘get’ Dave’s shit.

  3. The way I look at, there’s some truth in what he said. if we stop getting in our feeling over stuff and start asking question. We will understand what Dave was trying to say.

  4. He’s hilarious as shit and he does make you think lol

    He’s definitely going to catch heat for all this, but Dave doesn’t care about Hollywood and he’s going to sell out shows regardless lol

  5. I’m personally not a fan of this “comedian pass” shit. I think it’s stupid. His C.K comment was fine I guess, but the Kevin Spacey one was stupid when he referred to the 14 y/o kid. But whatever, I’m not going to bother with this fight. People get passes for everything these days, let’s see how far that gets society, good luck lol.

  6. One thing I can say about Dave C. is that his jokes aren’t just jokes. He says some thought provoking shit and it makes you laugh also.

    1. Exactly man. The best comics make you laugh but also make you think about serious situations in a critical way. Dave always had that ability.

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