kevin spacey, what have you allegedly done now?

i hate that he played one of the most iconic anti heroes on tv.
gaddamn you kevin spacey for ruining frank underwood!!
just gaddamn you!!
that character should have had a good end to his arc.
i hate when celebs ruin their careers and ima be a little selfish…

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those who held the cards for kevin spacey are falling

okay so…
i’m not one for conspiracy theories,
but this is getting a little weird.
i’m just fonting.
a third accuser in the “kevin spacey” saga was found dead.
first was ( x linda culkin ) who snitched on him.
the second was a ( x “john doe” ),
and the latest is a ex-norwegian royal and author,
ari behn.
they all have accused him of sexual assault.

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let’s be frank (no underwood)?

i won’t lie to you,
frank underwood was missed in that last season of “house of cards”.
claire can’t really carry a show,
even though it was an “okay” end to the series.
besides that trash conclusion for the last episode.
kevin spacey,
who has been banished over his alleged pedo charges,
decided to reprise his role of what i think was “frank underwood”.
this is what he posted on youtube

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Dave Chappelle Has No Fucks To Give About The #Metoo Movement?

i remember when dave chappelle left hollywood.
he felt pressured in making a season 2 for “the dave chappelle show”.
he had a lot to say about what was happening bts too.
dave has always been very honest.
is he being too honest with his recent jokes tho?
in his comedy special,
“the bird revelation” on netflix,
he spoke about two alleged perverts who recently got banished.
 louis c.k and kevin spacey.
a foxholer sent me what he had to say…
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Netflix Might Be On Some “C’est La Vie, Kevin Spacey”

this should be a lesson to those who have “asshole” tendencies.
no one will try to save you as your ship sinks.
you better know how to swim.
so netflix might be done officially with “house of cards”.
i mean,
with these new allegations,
the way it’s looking…
kevin spacey allegedly may have been acting up on that set.
this is what was said via cnn
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Kevin Spacey Comes Tumbling Down (And Out)


i mean,
i’ve heard the rumblings about his alleged ways,
but ima still act like i heard it for the first time today.
so kevin spacey‘s own house of cards has come tumbling down.
harvey weinstein opened the gates to pull the alleged guilty down to hell.
so anthony rapp,
46 now,
says that kevin came on to him when he was 14 in 1986 via ( x buzzfeed ).
i mean,
the article was pretty revealing.
well kevin decided to release this statement on his ig…
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