Kevin Spacey Comes Tumbling Down (And Out)


i mean,
i’ve heard the rumblings about his alleged ways,
but ima still act like i heard it for the first time today.
so kevin spacey‘s own house of cards has come tumbling down.
harvey weinstein opened the gates to pull the alleged guilty down to hell.
so anthony rapp,
46 now,
says that kevin came on to him when he was 14 in 1986 via ( x buzzfeed ).
i mean,
the article was pretty revealing.
well kevin decided to release this statement on his ig…


…the apology to anthony and then the segue into coming out?
i don’t understand why the second paragraph was even involved.
it came off like him being gay was the reason for his alleged perversion.
netflix has decided to cancel “house of cards” as well via the guardian:

Netflix is ending its Emmy-nominated political drama House of Cards at the conclusion of its upcoming sixth season amid sexual allegations against Kevin Spacey.

The final episodes of the TV series, starring Spacey and Robin Wright as ruthless political operators in the United States government, will air in 2018.

News of the ending comes less than 24 hours after Spacey responded publicly to allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances on 14-year-old actor in 1986.

Media Rights Capital and Netflix, who produce House of Cards, released a statement yesterday in response to the allegations against Spacey, saying they were “deeply troubled” by the news.

“In response to last night’s revelations, executives from both of our companies arrived in Baltimore this afternoon to meet with our cast and crew to ensure that they continue to feel safe and supported. As previously scheduled, Kevin Spacey is not working on set at this time,” the statement said.

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed to Guardian Australia that the decision to end the show was made months earlier, and not in response to the allegations about Spacey surfacing.

that is my show and all,
but it has pretty much jumped the shark.
good run tho.
as for kevin,
i think he is pretty much done in hollywood now.
no one is going to want to work with him after this.
this should really serve as a lesson for everyone else.
i’m glad no blacks have been called out for sketchy behavior…

lowkey: he is kinda like his character from “american beauty”…

article cc: the guardian

14 thoughts on “Kevin Spacey Comes Tumbling Down (And Out)

  1. It’s sad and crazy when people lose their minds over sex/lust. They would have to know that at SOME point their behavior is going to come to light. It’s disgusting.

  2. I’m completely taken aback by this news. One, this sexual allegation, and two, him coming out and using that as a deflection. Seriously, how do you use this moment to come out. I really enjoy House of Cards, but now I’m content with it ending and never seeing him again.

  3. I commend people for coming out and telling there stories. I also commend Hollywood as a whole for getting these alleged perverts together. Sadly we’ll never see this in the black community. We have a very hard time divorcing our love for a persons movies or music so we will almost never end our support for the most vile sexual abusers among us. Even to the point of defending them and demonizing the accusers. R. Kelly is the perfect example; he’s been ruining lives of young girls for decades. Stories are still coming out about him to this day, yet his support from the black community is unwavering. Its disgusting.

  4. I don’t even work in Hollywood but have been known about Kevin Spacey.

    In the early 2000’s he was infamous for attending these Hollywood pool parties thrown by Bryan Singer (X-Men Director) that was filled with underage twinks and drugs. There is even a pic of Kevin Spacey in a hot tub pulling a twink’s swim trunks down and exposing his ass. Towards the end of the parties, the twinks had to be naked and coked out. Somehow the threads and pics got scrubbed from the internet

    Jamari, please post a link to the documentary “Open Secret.” It exposed a lot of people. A lot of the child stars from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were sexually abused

    Sadly, a lot of them that transitioned into adult actors die from drug overdoses or pretend like they don’t know about it.

    I wonder what Leo Dicaprio and Keanu Reeves have to say.

    1. Those messy Hollywood pool parties with bryan singer have came out so many times.. Yet he is still working for some reason lol

      And YES I watched “Open secret” on YouTube when those Harvey allegations first came out. That was deep. They even interviewed some of the perpetrators too

  5. I honestly am not surprised with these dudes anymore and what makes this worse is that he’s trying to use coming out as a way to diffuse the situation and change the subject. Like I’m glad you are happy to come out but you still sexually assaulted this guy, who was a kid at the time so that opens another can of worms, and now we are here trying to make sure that it doesn’t become a “gays are pedophiles narrative” nor a “he’s being open and honest don’t bring that shit up.” Or my favorite that they like to bring up “Well the person was asking for it…..[insert excuse here]”

  6. I heard about him and was surprised about his request for a male masseurs. It never dawned on me he was gay and he seems like a good guy to meet in person. I’m just waiting for John Travolta any moment now to confess what he did as well… “sippin tea”!

  7. Honestly, if he just kept is mouth shut and let his lawyers do the lip service, he’d probably whether any bad publicity the came from.

    But noooo, he has to drag the gays into this by coming out, hoping to gain applause while deflecting from his predatory actions.

    He should keep talking to salvage himself at this point, he really doesn’t have much to lose.

  8. What pissed me the hell off is the fact that he decided to come out amidst these allegations. He wanted people to focus on his sexuality rather than him being a predator. Then he says he does not remember the incident, of course not, since it happened decades ago it is easy for him to say he doesn’t remember. There is already a stigma that exist that pedophilia is tied to homosexuality. We know there is no relationship, but the outsiders will not see it that way, so this is bad on so many levels. I would not be surprised if more people in Hollywood are exposed.

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