Frank Ocean Was The Beau of The Ball

so frank ocean‘s birthday was yesterday.
he always gave off a heavy “introvert”.
i would imagine a quiet birthday surrounded by friends and family.
…in my head.
my head is wrong.
frank ocean threw a birthday party yesterday.
the theme?
a ball.
check out a couple snippets from it…

well check out that sparkly cake.
not for nothing,
but that’s the most emotion i’ve ever seen him give.
he has perfected the “rbf”.

good to see him having a good time tho.
happy birthday frank!

lowkey: i wonder if the bae was there?
you know,
( x the last one ).
or does he have a new one now?
i can’t keep up.

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Frank Ocean Was The Beau of The Ball”

  1. I think, Frank and Brad Pitt are friends now. He has him invited to his birthday ball and Brad was there. They support each other and may be, we see Frank in a movie with Brad. πŸ˜‰

  2. Maybe someone can clue me in. How do you go to these balls? I googled it awhile ago and got no where. I live in Boston (adjacent) but I can travel to New York.

    1. You will have to immerse yourself into the gay community. Most major cities will have them…I went to 2 in my life. They aren’t for everyone. Big ones in NY Philly, DC, Baltimore, ATL….

  3. I am so loving Frank. He is clearly comfortable in his skin. Fuck the naysayers. He is having the time of his life. You go Boy!!

  4. I feel like low key even the most introverted gays have a disco queen living inside of them. Most ppl wouldn’t find me to be this way as well but take me to the right spot, with as good mixed crowd great drinks, and bomb a** music and I will toss my book in the air and show out!! And I only know to show out from watching other gays. While we can be some of the most irritating ppl on the earth we’re also the most magical ppl ever. We’re all so special in our own way except the dumb a** trump supporting gays they can choke. I love yal xoxo

  5. Sorry, I’m a little uninitiated. But can someone explain the ball scene to me. I see so many videos of this form of event, but I never understood what it is or was really going on.

  6. That looks like fun and good for him.
    Low key: I never got his appeal. Everyone says his music is amazing and then I listen to it and I am like am I missing something. Am I listening to the same thing everyone else is listening to? Well his music is for some people and I just don’t fall into that category of some.

    1. No real talk I don’t like his music much either. I think it’s good just not my tea. I do like the song abt the tornado and the room thanks to Tori Kelly’s cover b4 she got famous and that novacaine song cause we rocked out to it in the limo on the way to prom when it 1st came out

  7. In the video I sent you captioned “Frank was vogueing”.Memo Guzman is the guy in black tux taking a pic of Frank as he walks to the front,smiling at him.

    Singer SZA,Joanne the Scammer and Tyler was there.Also Alycia Bellamy ,Frank’s ex girlfriend was there.I’ve read Brad Pitt and Adele was there but I haven’t seen pics.Franks mom and 16 year old brother was there.

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