Dave Chappelle Has No Fucks To Give About The #Metoo Movement?

i remember when dave chappelle left hollywood.
he felt pressured in making a season 2 for “the dave chappelle show”.
he had a lot to say about what was happening bts too.
dave has always been very honest.
is he being too honest with his recent jokes tho?
in his comedy special,
“the bird revelation” on netflix,
he spoke about two alleged perverts who recently got banished.
 louis c.k and kevin spacey.
a foxholer sent me what he had to say…
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They Wanna Be Startin’ Something… (Drake)


….the foxhole was on it.
when you pause at 0:06 of drake’s ( x apple music commercial ).
he walked right into the jokes,
but i gotta ask

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So Nene Leakes Makes Kenya Moore “The Joke”?

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 11.20.47 AMnene leakes is a comedian!
she is on a stage and telling jokes now.
the animals are paying to see her.
i’m sure there are many jokes that can be formed around:

“i’m a very rich bitch!”

well comedians tend to make fun of things that bother them.
kenya moore bothers nene.
so she decided to tear into her ass on stage during a routine.
this is what she had to say with video via the jasmine brand
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Miley Cyrus Welcome To Black Twitter

eafd8af60e0211e39a6e22000a1fab27_7cynthia tho?!?!?
i was in tears for a good 5 minutes at that picture.
these below get honorable meme mentions…

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The WHOLE HOT97 Interview: The “Mister Cee” Files

gay-mr-cee1thank my fav f-bi who snagged the entire interview….

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Donkey For The Last Two Years: Mister Cee.

disney_43393_5i cant.
just listen…

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