They Wanna Be Startin’ Something… (Drake)


….the foxhole was on it.
when you pause at 0:06 of drake’s ( x apple music commercial ).
he walked right into the jokes,
but i gotta ask

Isn’t that the truth tho?

not about drake.
i mean when it goes all the way in and your walls adjust.

kovk8t0i88kfqi know i’m not the only one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “They Wanna Be Startin’ Something… (Drake)”

  1. My walls never adjust: especially immediately after insertion. That’s partly why I don’t take any D now. 😂 That tweet was funny af though. I bet Drake got good booty too

  2. I’ve noticed that if the D is on the extreme side of the spectrum (too big/too small) it hurts. U need that goldilocks kinda D so when the wolf gets at you, it feels just right.

  3. I really can’t speak on it personally. I’ve tried the hybrid life, but taking D is just…….. Such a chore 😩😩

  4. Drake was mad sexy in that commercial he’s so corny but i like him as for the taking D reference…idk it depends on how much foreplay occurs before. Sometimes for me it feels like the very first time. My friend is very well endowed but he’s passionate and he gets me relaxed and ready but sometimes that D still catch a fox by surprise lol

  5. On first insertion I always have to be on top especially if the top is inexperienced or there isn’t much foreplay…anything else can happen after

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