They Wanna Be Startin’ Something… (Drake)


….the foxhole was on it.
when you pause at 0:06 of drake’s ( x apple music commercial ).
he walked right into the jokes,
but i gotta ask

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Drake Has Bad Blood With Apple Music

19f41c188ed5995e9a984a8cf700390eam i the only one who thinks champagne papi is corny cute?
i can do with a heavy dork and drake is just that.
did anyone see his new apple music commercial?
well if not,
let me show you…
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Well… At Least Mary Ain’t Singing About Food This Time!

tumblr_nb6ybvkqj51r0djllo1_500before i start,
i have to say that i love mary’s glasses.
so mary j blige moved past that burger king commercial.
you remember that fiasco,

it made for some amazing memes and parody videos.
well mary could be back for a second round of roasting.
she did this interview special for apple music with hillary clinton.
very random.
she decided to sing a song about police brutality to hillary and well…
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Views from The Underwhelming?

everyone is saying views didn’t live up to the hype.
i’m listening to it now and it’s okay.
i’m into it so far.
i’m at “faithful”.
track #9.
it has a real old school 90s vibe to it.
that one song with the mjb sample got a few repeats.

Maybe it’s a grower?

tumblr_o1qmk3XkTN1ttuk3wo4_250 tumblr_o1qmk3XkTN1ttuk3wo1_250

those are always nice.

lowkey: drake talking about shit i’m dealing with so i’m biased.

Taylor Swift Is, Like, The Best Rapper Ever (Woo!)

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 10.01.23 AMi love when taylor swift starts rapping along to songs.
she did it with kendrick and now drake gets a spin.
well check her rapping skills to “jump man” for apple music…
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You Use To Call Me On My Cellphone

IMG_20151004_040548^thats me.
i said it.
right now,
my hotline bling is disconnected.
unless you count work wolf…
don’t even get me started.
anyway champagne papi,
has released a new video through apple music called “hotline bling”.
you guessed it.
unlike tidal,
you can check the video below…
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