Views from The Underwhelming?

everyone is saying views didn’t live up to the hype.
i’m listening to it now and it’s okay.
i’m into it so far.
i’m at “faithful”.
track #9.
it has a real old school 90s vibe to it.
that one song with the mjb sample got a few repeats.

Maybe it’s a grower?

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those are always nice.

lowkey: drake talking about shit i’m dealing with so i’m biased.

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6 thoughts on “Views from The Underwhelming?”

  1. I was trying to play it at work yesterday because I kinda forgot it was coming out this week (I’m still in a daze from BeyoncĂ© lemonade). I was too busy to pay attention so I’m gonna get it a proper shot today.

  2. I thought I was the only one. Listened to the whole album and I cannot get into tracks 1 – 10. Album doesn’t pick up for me until I hit Controlla… after that I’m all good on production and lyricism and can go straight thru … Don’t eeeeem get me started on Childs Play & One Dance tho #ThottinAllSummer

    But I’ma try and give the first half another chance lol

  3. I like the album. My timeline was 50/50 on it. Half hated it, half loved it. The people that hated it were looking for “rap” Drake but it’s honestly a typical Drake album.

  4. He fell off after Take Care IMO. After that he just became lazy with his music. A lot of throwaway songs too. But I’m always here for his singing songs. Don’t care for the rapping. And yeah I listened to this in the gym today and I agree, it’s just okay. I’ll give it a few more listens though

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