the attentionistos on instagram may not like this

everyone’s lives revolves around social media these days.
let’s face it,
some of us are pretty much addicted.
you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone on “something”.
this social media forest is really one big high school.

You’re a nobody if no one likes you

instagram is planning on changing all that pretty soon.
you may or may not like it…
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Barack Obama Ain’t Did Nothing As President?

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640i remember when barack obama was voted into the white house.
the first time.
i remember seeing all my people jumping for joy,
and recording themselves losing their minds.
i was moved to the point of tears.
well it seems those opinions may have changed in 2016 now he is leaving.
many of those same animals views are now:

“obama ain’t did shit for us”

even mr “vote or die”,
he flat out said obama shortchanged us.
this is what he said via hiphop dx
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Views from The Underwhelming?

everyone is saying views didn’t live up to the hype.
i’m listening to it now and it’s okay.
i’m into it so far.
i’m at “faithful”.
track #9.
it has a real old school 90s vibe to it.
that one song with the mjb sample got a few repeats.

Maybe it’s a grower?

tumblr_o1qmk3XkTN1ttuk3wo4_250 tumblr_o1qmk3XkTN1ttuk3wo1_250

those are always nice.

lowkey: drake talking about shit i’m dealing with so i’m biased.


it’s that time again.
another round of well oiled and seasoned meat ready to taste.
you ready for it?
i know you are….

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well after that fake o-pipencakes bomb threat,
i thought we would all need some late night snacks.
bring them into the pleasure hole!…

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so good news guys.
10,000 views today.
slowly approaching 3 milli.
i love my boys.
the foxhole don’t let up.

so it’s game time

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