Barack Obama Ain’t Did Nothing As President?

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640i remember when barack obama was voted into the white house.
the first time.
i remember seeing all my people jumping for joy,
and recording themselves losing their minds.
i was moved to the point of tears.
well it seems those opinions may have changed in 2016 now he is leaving.
many of those same animals views are now:

“obama ain’t did shit for us”

even mr “vote or die”,
he flat out said obama shortchanged us.
this is what he said via hiphop dx

Sean “Diddy” Combs has had his hand in politics for a number of years, most notably dating back to his vigilance for the Rock the Vote campaign during the 2004 presidential election, where he interviewed a relatively unknown Illinois Senator who would go to make history inside the White House.

However, more than a decade later, the 46-year-old music mogul’s opinion on President Obama’s tenure as commander-in-chief isn’t exactly dipped in bronze. While speaking to Al Sharpton on MSNBC’s Politics Nation earlier today, he expressed how he felt the black community didn’t get all they hoped for during the election years.

“My number one thing, though, to be honest, is black people,” Diddy admitted, who had originally joined the segment discussing his new Harlem charter school before the topic switched to the upcoming presidential election. “I feel like we put President Obama in the White House. When I look back, I just wanted more done for my people because that’s the name of the game. This is politics. You put somebody in office you get in return the things that you care about for your communities.”

“I think we got a little bit shortchanged,” he continued. “That’s not knocking the President. There’s a lot going on — a lot of balls for him to juggle — he’s done an excellent job, you know, but I think it’s time to turn up the heat because the black vote is going to decide who is the next president of the United States.”

rawyeah he went there.
i can say i agree with him to an extent.
now he did do a lot for gay marriage.
other than that,
i don’t really know what obama has done except “obama care”,
which is a disaster all in it’s own.
we also made him this celebrity,
a groupie,
and transsexual rights activist.
i think the issue is we all thought he was gonna be this “black president”.
he was going to be the black savior and…
now that obama is headed out,
we now have the worst two competing for their seat in the white house.
diddy addressed his opinion on that as well:

While it was quite explicit that Diddy doesn’t plan on voting for Donald Trump this November, he’s not all that enthused with Hillary Clinton, who has been frequently accused of“pandering” to black people’s interests, just to obtain their vote.

“Ms. Clinton … Hillary Clinton, you know, I hope she starts to directly talk to the black community. … It really makes me feel, you know, almost … hurt that our issues are not addressed and we’re such a big part of the voting [bloc],” he said.

“I honestly think he heat has to be turned up so much that as a community, we got to holdour vote,” he added. “Really revolutionize the game. Make them come for our vote. It’s a whole different strategy but I think we need to hold our vote because I don’t believe any of [the candidates].”


complete video:

i’ll be honest foxhole,
this upcoming election sounds like doomsday.
i’m so disappointed in our options this era.
i don’t even know who is worse.
they both seem like it.
so i’ll the foxhole…

Do you agree with Diddy’s views on Obama and this latest election?

…and don’t say “moving to canada” either.

article taken: hiphop dx

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

42 thoughts on “Barack Obama Ain’t Did Nothing As President?”

  1. He did pardon and lower sentences of a lot of people incarcerated for nonviolent offenses as well.

    I must say I’m underwhelmed overall as well. He certainly did plenty for the gay community with discrimination and marriage. The White House had Rainbow lights for Christ sake.

    He’s even sd

    I’ve heard nothing but promises as far as education and cautious fence riding when it comes to black people.

      1. We did not vote in the mid terms. He is President of the whole United States. Do you even remember 2008 all the trouble country was in. 600,000 jobs lost a month, stock market at 6,000, gas dam near $5. People were losing their homes and undwerwater on loans. He fixed all that. The college loan fix is great saving money for students. Obamacare works it depends on your Republican Governors the system was created for every state but only 1/3 of states are participating. That drives cost. There are five things every black has weed, cigarettes, cell phone , liquor and a pair of Jordans. The strippers arent complaining. All of them have tax free dollars. If more of our millionaire brothers were like Lebron (scholarahips for the whole city) with their money that is where real change comes…politics is local pick better mayors and Congressional representaion. In Atlanta we cant fill all the jobs. We need engineers and medical workers. Please Brothers and Sisters do your research. Stop whining and start helping!

    1. He has commutted more sentences for people who didn’t get a fair shake in the justice system, killed 2 known heads of terrorist organizations and has improved an economy that was in a shit zone…all while fighting a congress trying to sabotage his entire term ..the problem with black people is exactly this…we shit on people who do the best they know how and can and can forget all the good they do. Hell by changing the economy he has opened the door for people to start businesses but we have to get off our asses and do the wotk He has been trying to fix a lot of damage in 8 years but the government is 3 branches of government not one. The real power to change things is in the justice system and supreme court. This is flawed by the life terms they serve.

      1. Well look I’m not incarcerated and never been involved in the justice system and banks STILL discriminate when giving loans to minorities. I’ve always had so obamacare didn’t do jack for me. As far as the economy goes, it was going to improve regardless anyway. If you’re looking for a minimum wage, part time job I suppose he’s improved that, but I have a college degree and it seems the educated ones are struggling more than the ones that dropped out of high school and decided to procreate while living off the system entirely.

        I have a problem with that.

        I would proudly vote republican too if the right candidate was presented.

        Obama hasn’t represented any of my interests or the interests of people in my position so even if he could run a third term he wouldn’t automatically get my vote.

        Black people voted for him primarily because he was black. Essentially he’s still a politician who’s lobbied for support. As a voter it’s my right to vote for candidates that represent my interests just like the white folks do.

      2. Jay..sounds like you are blessed more than most. Not sure what interests you have that he hasn’t supported but the one thing the BLM has done is show us how to make our interest known and not rely on anyone else. As far as lians..I can direct you to any of the 23 black owned backs who will loan you money if you can’t get a loan from amother institution. I not one to tell anyone how to vote. I’m just stating my opinion that it’s wrong to blame one man for not doing anything and it is just like us to beat each other up. Other ethnicities support each other ex Donald trump and others but we tear each other down instead of lifting each other up and then we wonder why we have so many issues I our community

      3. @Jay…we can’t blame the President for those problems. Those are issues to be had with those running the banks and other businesses. The same goes for these companies that send job overseas or to Mexico/Central America because they can pay lower wages. As much as they want to try to blame it on the economy….the only thing that it comes down to is GREED. You have people running corporations with these ridiculous salaries, while the lower-end workers struggle daily, living paycheck to paycheck. They can run a company into the ground, get fired, yet still get a massive payday. It’s not the President’s fault, that is the fault of the companies and their boards. We need to start making companies accountable for that type of business acumen, or lack thereof.

        As far as the “economy was going to improve anyway”…at what point? At the rate we were heading, and if some of the plans he implemented were not put into action (which the Republicans fought against tooth and nail), we would probably still be trying to recover and things may very well have been worse. Wages were at a standstill, hiring was damn near non-existent, and companies were downsizing left and right leaving those still employed to take on the duties of those that left. The housing bubble still hasn’t fully recovered. Take a look on Zillow, more and more people are in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure. He has tried to change things in Washington and throughout this country, but he didn’t receive any cooperation from Congress. Remember the Congressman who said, “as long as that man is in office, we will oppose any action/plan that he has.” What kind of BS is that?! Why not try something first before shooting it down? It doesn’t hurt to try…especially if things were not working before.

        I agree wholeheartedly with you when you say those living off the system seem to get taken care of better than those who are not. They either get free rent or pay damn near next to nothing through Section 8. They get food stamps and medical care. All paid for by the men and women out there busting their butts daily at a 9 to 5. To change that, there needs to be incentives to get these people off the programs, but it tends to be a generational thing, and that makes it harder. The educated, those with degrees, seem to really get the short end of the stick. Nowadays, it’s starting to trend towards where you need a Master’s degree to get an entry-level position, which was unheard of some years back. Again, this goes back to the companies/corporations looking to cut costs and pay lower salaries/wages, meanwhile their profits are up…but guess who profits from that? The executives, not the mid-level/lower-level employees.

        Blacks may have voted for him just because he was black, which is a silly thing to do, but he went into that job with everything going AGAINST him from the moment he won the election. He had to constantly fight a Congress that was doing everything in their power to ensure that he was a 1-term President. He IS the most blatantly disrespected President in the history of office, to the point where he was called out on live TV while giving a state-of-the-union address! Think that would’ve happened while Bush or anyone else was in office? Not at all. Hell, that person would’ve had to answer to Dick Cheney. They wouldn’t have to worry about Bush! LOL

        He may not have represented the interests many people, but again he has to focus on the needs of the COUNTRY, not just black/minority communities. He enacted programs to help our communities, but people just felt it wasn’t enough. It sounds like they were looking for hand-outs, but haven’t our communities had enough of those? Those hand-outs have made our communities too dependent on local and federal government, to the point where they’re not looking to advance themselves any more than they have/need to. Not cool…at all.

  2. I would say that he’s done a pretty good job as president no nothing has been perfect but I can’t say that anything has been perfect during any president’s run. I don’t know I guess I never saw Obama as a black savior that’s not why I voted for him, I always saw him as a politician first.
    I think he’s done more good than bad.

    P.S. I think in the years to come there’s going to be more power behind the Latino vote than anything.

  3. People need to realize that a President whether white. black, or Hispanic cannot specifically focus his attention on just their race. The President has managed to accomplish a lot in his time in office, even with the Republican party looking to make him look foolish at every turn.

    I know what the President did in his time in office, helped many Americans get access to healthcare, helped the economy recover a little..all with the Republicans stalling in every way possible.

    The question I would like to know is what is Diddy doing for his communities? Throwing a party?

    As for the upcoming election, both candidates scare me, but I’ll take Hilary over Donald Trump. He is the king of smoke and mirrors. He is not as successful as he touts himself to be. His casinos have either closed or are in bankruptcy. His buildings have lawsuits against them from contractors, laborers, suppliers, etc.
    He only got this far because he says what many people are thinking, with no filter. When his campaign tries to reign him in, he comes across as phony. When he’s a “loose cannon” he’s at his best, because you know he’s going to say something that makes you think he put “his-foot-in-his-mouth-again”!
    And his “advisors” such as Rudy Giuliani, Governor Christie, don’t help his position much. They come across as nutjobs, especially Giuliani.

    I’d take Hilary’s experience and even temperament over Donald Trump’s inconsistencies any day. Email scandal be damned. What I find interesting is how no one is bringing up the fact that Don Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, and General Colin Powell (even though she said he suggested to use a separate server) all did the same in their positions, while in office. It gets glossed over like all Republican wrongdoing does.

    1. Very well said Christian. I really do like it when you chime in. Level-headed and balanced opinions coming from you. I agree.

  4. I totally disagree with Diddy’s opinion. If it wasn’t for Obama at the time when he was elected, this country would be in financial ruins. Remember, Obama repaired all of the financial issues this country was facing with the housing business crashing, unemployment out of control, businesses closing through out the country. He and his staff repaired all of it. I can say that I’m in a better place than I was 10 years ago and I can bet many people can say that also. Obama has dealt with issues that most presidents wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. What other president thought all people should have the right to get married, should have medical coverage and carried his plans through to make it happen? Obama will go down in history as being one of the best presidents/leaders this world has ever seen and I’m sad to see him leave the white house!!

  5. Frankly, I’m tired of the incarcerated, immigrants, and the people relying on the system being catered to while you have people pursuing an education, trying to break into careers and be homeowners out here struggling.

    I know for a fact it’s easier in this country to live off the system. You can literally have everything from housing, food stamps, monthly checks all debt free while people that are trying to make something of themselves are doing nothing but accumulating debt.

    Plenty of white presidents have used their terms to advance white people with no shame. Hell, all of them have. Black people are the ones that basically got him elected. All these black celebrities were campaigning for him.

    How can blacks be looking for a handout from him when that’s all the Democratic Party does anyway?

  6. Several of his policies were never enacted because of Republicans blocking him. The policies we know his best by are all the things he mainly did when Congress was Democrat when he was first elected.

  7. @TONY: Not only am I blessed, I WORK! Never gone more than three months without a job since I was 15 and never thought I was above any job. I currently work in social work and I see people, mostly our color, that do better living off the system for GENERATIONS, than I am as a college graduate. I’m not saying it’s a black issue, it’s a low income issue.

    I actually like Obama but he’s not above the same criticism I gave Bush and Clinton before him. He doesn’t get a pass from me because he’s black.

    I’m just tired of the phrase “it could’ve been worse” when it comes to his presidency. It’s the equivalent of saying “Hoe, be grateful for the scraps we gave you”.

  8. I wish that black people in this country critized the President more for what he didn’t do for blacks in this country like we’ve critized other Presidents in the past. Under Obama, we have received nothing of significance as it pertains to the black community specifically. He had the chance to appoint a African American woman to the Supreme Court and failed to do so. The LGBT community has recieved three laws for their (our) rights, and Hispanics and undocumented people have received the DREAM Act. Obama failed to reduce sentencing guidelines that I beleive were put into place by Clinton (drugs and other petty crimes), he passed the Dark Act that basically screws over everyone because now we don’t have to be told what’s in the food, and education in inner cities has not been made better for blacks specifically. We thought that he would look out for the interests of African Americans and that is not neccessarily the truth.

    I have a question: Why is it that we are so quick to judge every other President for their shortcomings as it relates to our community, but fail to criticize President Obama? It’s almost seen as blasphemy. I feel that we, as a community were so enamored with his prescence and his promises to Americans that we bascically said he didn’t have to do anything but be black. If this is so, we cannot hold any other President that comes forward accountable for thier failing us either because now we have set a trend with Obama.

    His tenure could have been so much more impactful than it was. He could have done so much more and really set America into a second Golden Age. Everything that has been accomplished by him can and will be unraveled by the next POTUS that comes into power. Where does this leave his legacy besides being the first United States President of color? I personally don’t believe that black people will understand this point until Hillary or Trump ascends to the Presidency.

    1. I honestly think we don’t criticize him because whites and conservatives attack him so much, despite the fact he’s remained pretty neutral and not showed any favoritism to blacks. Just goes to show you he could’ve never pleased them.

      I’m so disgusted by education in this country. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are dead last as far as education in developed countries. Minorities suffer the most as a result.

      Also the middle class is disappearing completely. Pretty soon most of us will be either rich or poor, more than likely the latter.

    2. You do realize that the President can only nominate a choice for Supreme Court Justice, right? The Senate (and you know who those fellas are) are the ones that confirm or deny that nomination. Do/Did you REALLY think they would appoint anyone he nominates?! Look how much grief Sotomayor went through. Look how much BS Loretta Lynch went through to be appointed Attorney General. The President can do a lot of things, but anything that required action by Congress/Senate…you know they were vetoing that right away. His ENTIRE Presidency was back and forth with Congress and that drunk Boehner. Nothing was accomplished, thanks to them. Yet everyone is blaming the President. He can only do so much, whether people want to admit it or not. Instead they fall under the spell of the real culprits that don’t get anything done, Congress, who use smoke and mirrors to make it look like they’ve done something…when in fact they haven’t done a damn thing in 8 years except fight to repeal Obamacare.
      And now instead of voting to give funds to fight the Zika virus, they’d rather concentrate on looking for more ammunition to use against Hilary campaign.
      Do you see what I’m getting at here?

  9. Well I have had excellent,affordable health insurance for the last three years which I didn’t have for years because it was too costly. I am grateful for the Affordable Care Act,so he did something for ME and millions of other people.Let’s see what President Trump does for this country.

  10. Of all the posts over all the years, this one is the most depressing, BY FAR!! The only consolation I can take is that, statically speaking, several of those commenting are likely to be non-voters. The most likely voters in the country are Black women. At least the sisters who actually vote have no desire to see what a McCain or a Romney presidency would have done to Black America. Im not yet 50 years old. But, I was born in a segregated hospital in the deep South. Our gains happened in one generation and can be lost just as quickly. this sting makes me weep for the next generation.

  11. We can’t go back 8 years and undo the vote. He’s gonna leave office in a few months. It’s done. Let’s focus on how we can keep Trump’s racist ass as far away from the White House as possible. He has told you he don’t like Mexicans, Blacks, Gays, or immigrants. He asks us, “What do you have you lose,” as if to throw salt in our wounds. Mark my words, if he gets in police brutality and racism will get worse and we will have a repeat of the civil rights era.

  12. The President is one man. One man who had to fight Congress for every inch he gained. “Obamacare” would have worked had it been left in it’s original language. What I think Black people need to do is TRULY research the facts on using authentic, objective sources. As of the 2014 Census, non-Hispanic Whites still outnumber all the other races combined 2:1.

    When you take that into account, you would understand that “we” didn’t put President Obama in office. A collective of all races put him in office. That statistic also explains why he couldn’t “fix” everything wrong with race relations in this country. White folks have created a CULTURE of racism the likes of which had and has not been seen anywhere else in the world for 400 years. President Obama was supposed to fix that in 8?!?!? Please!!!!

    The President is supposed to look out for the interests of ALL citizens, not just “his people”. And you can miss me with that “White folks been doing it forever” because it IS a partial truth. The correct statement would be “Rich White folks have been doing it forever.” Poor Whites just refuse to accept that. They would rather blame people of color despite all of the real statistics.

    Lastly, how was President Obama supposed to be this great Balancer when “we” allowed the Republicans to gain control of both Houses of Congress?!?!? Quick social studies lesson: our government was designed to keep one group or one person from gaining too much power. Congress has literally shut down the government twice to block anything the President wanted to do regardless of the benefits for all. No President has ever been denied his Constitutional right to appoint someone to the SCOTUS.

    No President has ever faced blatant disrespect and bigotry. No First Lady has ever been so ridiculed. Yet, neither of them lowered their standards to fight back using the methods of their detractors. Let’s be real. If they had responded in anger to how they have been treated for the last 8 years, it would have made things worse not better. I don’t personally know anyone that could have endured what the First Family has endured with the same level of grace and poise, all while trying to do the best job they could against almost insurmountable odds and obstacles.

    I say well done thy good and faithful servant. Remember, no one is perfect.

    1. Yaaassss! Facts. Tell em. I hope people don’t forget that the Affordable Care Act was/is a great idea. But greedy Republicans fought against it at every turn. What we have now is a compromised version of “Obamacare” that really isn’t great, but is a start. Also Obamacare changed how greedy healthcare providers make money off us; so they have been against it as well. Obamacare also shows us that any change that the President suggested was maligned by Republicans.

  13. People don’t realize what they have until it’s gone. Same goes for POTUS each term. Whoever we get next people will suddenly pull all the great things Obama did out of there ass when they’re constantly comparing the current to the predecessor. People did it with Bush and now people will do it with Obama. That’s just how people are when it comes to politics. No body is ever satisfied. Typical sh*t that will pass.

  14. Moving to Canada lol…but in all seriousness I honestly don’t know what to say about this years election except for the fact that I wish there was someway some how to rid both Hilary and Trump and get a better candidate

  15. Blacks didn’t put Obama in office Women,gays and youth did….check the statistics. I’m not getting into the whole what he did or didn’t do..the list is out there. I do feel he could’ve done more for blacks yes and publicly so. Even tho Obama care was a disaster…it did and is helping a lot of minorities get health care. It’s because of Obama care that I’m sitting here in the women’s clinic with my mom who otherwise would have been taken from me. I dont like everything Obama has done but I do give him credit for a lot of things he has done.

  16. The Obama Agenda Scorecard
    Let’s see how President Obama scores on four Agendas: The Jewish Agenda, the Gay Agenda, the Hispanic/Latino Agenda and the Black Agenda. For each item the highest possible score is 10. For each item, the lowest possible score is -10. The score is based on what President Obama can do or has tried or is trying to do (effort counts) and what he has done. He’s not all powerful.

    The Jewish Agenda Score
    1. Military Support of Israel 10
    2. Economic Support of Israel 10
    3. Political Support of Israel 10
    Total score 30 of a possible 30
    That’s outstanding.

    The Gay Agenda
    1. Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell 10
    2. Repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act 10
    3. Support of Gay Marriage 10
    4. Support of laws to make society more
    gay friendly (such as laws regarding
    discrimination on the basis of sexual
    orientation) 10
    Total score 40 of a possible 40.
    That’s outstanding.

    The Hispanic/Latino Agenda
    1. Amnesty for about 10 million or more
    illegal immigrants 10
    2. Relaxed laws/regulations regarding
    young illegal immigrants 10
    Total score 20 of a possible 20.
    That’s outstanding.

    The Black Agenda
    1. Penal-Industrial (Criminal-Justice) System
    Reform 3
    2. Immigration reform that is not harmful
    to Blacks -10
    3. A Presidential/Blue Ribbon Truth Commission
    on the effects of Slavery and Jim Crow 0
    Total score -7 of a possible 30.
    That’s terrible. That’s worse than failing.

    For Penal-Industrial (Criminal-Justice) System Reform, Obama has done a bit but he has not used the Presidential Bully Pulpit or the Presidential Power of Pardon. He has done some but not much. The score of 3 is appropriate.

    For immigration reform, his policies and practices for amnesty hurt blacks. Please see for example . It is estimated that illegal immigrants take from 650,000 to as many as 2,000,000 jobs from African Americans. So the score of -10 is appropriate.

    For a Presidential/Blue Ribbon Truth Commission on the effects of Slavery and Jim Crow, Obama, like all Presidents can form Presidential or “Blue Ribbon” commissions by Executive Orders and no permission of Congress is needed. Many Presidents, including Obama have formed such commissions. Please see for example Obama could also work with Congress to form such a commission. He has done neither. The score of 0 is appropriate.

  17. But who is to blame for Obama doing so little for blacks/African Americans? Blacks and African Americans. They were so busy praising and protecting Obama that they did not push Obama. Every time someone wanted to push Obama, the cry would come up “He’s not just the President of blacks, he’s the president of all Americans”. On the other hand, the Jews, the Hispanic/Latino’s the gays never said: “He’s not just the President of Jews. He’s the president of all Americans”.
    “He’s not just the President of Hispanic/Latinos,. He’s the president of all Americans”.
    “He’s not just the President of gays, He’s the president of all Americans”. And they pushed and pushed and pushed for their agenda morning, noon and night.

  18. What was Obama suppose to do exactly? I don’t remember any Jesse Jackson or Al Sharoton types speeches of 40 acres and a mule if he became president.

  19. The way most legislation gets to Congress or the president is communities call and demand action at the local and state level. These other ethnicities call their congressmen…go to their children’s schools etc.. unfortunately the black cimmunity as a whole doesn’t hold local politicians acountable and vote mostly every 4 then it’s too late. But we are quick to crucify those trying to do better. We are quick to trash to some e who doesn’t do something for us. This is sad… he isn’t perfect but damn..going off because you feel he didn’t something for us when he has done more than any other president. We gotta stop looking for others to make things better. Chinese, Jews and Hispanics all come together to better there communities. We too busy tearing others down. We nred to stop thinking he or anyone else owes us a mule …you want mule..go get it. He has focused on improving the economy which has created more jobs and small business opportunities than we have seen in 20 years. These opportunities aren’t going to fall on your door step.

    1. It’s funny you say that Tony. My l;ocal politicians don’t give the community a thought until it’s time to vote.
      Then they go out and get the drunks, crackheads, and etc., to stand outside the polling centers to get people to vote for them. I tell them every year, these people don’t give two fucks about you and use you for $25-$50 to stand out here and try to convince people to vote for you. Goes in one ear and out the other. Our government at work. LOL

      1. They know this which is why they come out during election time they not only want to be reelected but they need to know who is voting and what agenda to push to get elected. It’s up to us to be vocal all year long. The other ethnicities are taking them out to dinner all year long. Most is dine through PACS political action committees which typically represent the interest of the organizations and corporations that formed the PACs. That how people get elected and we end up scratching our heads wondering how. Why do you think the denial of the right to vote was so important for years. They knew if we got organized we would exert more power through voting. Now they separate us by redistricting the neighborhoods but we do enough separating ourselves. This post is a perfect example. They arwant worried about black votes to an extent because we tear down our own. Obama would not have won on our vote alone and he knows that because we don’t vote..don’t stay informed and don’t unite. If he had gone “too black” he would have gotten even less done. Let’s be real…none of us can walk into the white house and demand change. But we can go to our state houses and Senate offices and they will listen. It’s the states and delegate’s that determine the winner through the electoral college which is made up of state senators and congrsssmen…they are elected locally..the popular vote doesn’t determine the president unless their is a tie on the electoral vote. By redistricting they assure a tie will not happen

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