Your Hunger For Penis Has You Looking OD In These Streets

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.37.47 PMsome of the forest dwellers are doing it again.
some have been hounding chadoy leon real heavy.
he put on snapchat along the lines of disrespectful emails in his inbox.
he does the whole “personal training” thing,
but it seems some are fiending for his “sexual services”.
he did say in a message he put up about it:

“no disrespect to the gays”

…so i guess that’s a good start on his alleged “homophobia”.
the arrogant wolf,
“young baggy” aka “baggy large” said…

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.42.37 PM…some are sending all kinds of dick pics on his snap.
he said someone sent him message:

“i want to kiss those pretty lips of yours”

…and he had to block em.

rawi legit just busted out laughing.
i’m sorry.

forest dwellers.

you know,
that i know,
that they are stupid sexy.
no doubt about it.
if these wolves/hybrids/foxes “get down with the get down” and are interested:


like i’ve stated before,
some have responded to your advances in the past.
not everyone will do the same.
these folks are on the top of the social media food chain.
the vixens even have to get chose by them.
if you happen to be a male and they pass by your social media,
ย  you look good,
aren’t messy,
and they happen to be interested:


they will let you know.
other than that:

add em
like their shit
keep it moving

sending them disrespect is OD thirsty and will get you embarrassed.
even the gay ones on social media are getting standards now.
always ask yourself when sending a message to anyone you are attracted to:

If someone sent me that,
would I be flattered?
or would I hit ignore?

…cause if you send me,
jamari fox,
a pipe picture and i don’t even know you:


ima need a heavy:

“hey wassup!
i like your blog!
whats good with ya?”

…like you wasn’t raised in a barn.
same applies to everyone else.

Can you do that for me?

27 thoughts on “Your Hunger For Penis Has You Looking OD In These Streets

  1. Jamari, I think a lot of these gay guys hitting them up read our interview and let their imagination take shape. But what they forgot was that 1) I’m respectful and get to the point 2) I’m handsome 3) I don’t send unrequested nudes and I don’t ask for them either. That’s why I’ve been successful with these attentionistos. The biggest factor of all is of course that I’m actually willing to drop serious $$$. That’s the difference between someone in my position and John Gay Doe who thinks he can lure these guys with the problem of good head or ass. So, on the one hand, sure, they don’t want to be bothered. But if you are going to bother them, make sure you have something other than a warm, wet hole to offer them. They can get that just browsing their DMs.

  2. What a lot of you are doing is a slippery slope into victim blaming. He doesn’t have a right to be on social media and promote his business without being subjected to unwanted advances and inappropriate pics?

    He can have his shirt off and be attractive and NOT want to see your ashy penis or rectum that’s as big as the Grand Canyon.

    You ARE NOT entitled to him just because you see a dick print or a nice ass and women “couldn’t possibly be into that” so it must be for you.

    Sending unsolicited nudes and raunchy messages to strangers is low class. Gay or straight. Women or man.

    Then the fact most of these men wouldn’t dare make a move in person means they are cowards and socially awkward as well.

    I’m sure he deletes the messages from women he’s not attracted to as well and that’s his damn right to discern and choose.

    Some gay guys need to explore why they are so obsessed with men that do not want them. It’s not healthy and neither is condoning behavior that reinforces the stereotype gay men are deviant dick hounds.

    1. Actually, it is victim blaming because gay men are projecting the blame on straight men for the harassment they receive. It is the equivalent to a man with the mindset that he has a right to a woman’s body because she is wearing a revealing outfit. We all have the right to freely express ourselves without being subjected to from others, this includes straight men. This blog is our territory where we can express ourselves, hence why many of us are vulgar at times. None of you are supposed to be in the comments and inboxes of straight men leaving sexual comments.

      Sexual assault and harassment is not only about physically violating someone and evading their personal space, it also includes unwanted attention. Straight men want attention from women, which is reason why they are allowed to lust after men, and gay men need to understand that.

  3. Baggy has always been one of my favs. I have never seen a man so handsome. I’d get a sample of everything from him. I said what I said and I’m not changing it lol

    The problem is a lot of these men who hit on straight men have nothing to lose, so in their minds it does not hurt to overstep boundaries. We all are aware that you never know who gets down. However, there are repercussions of come with making moves on these men, especially if they are your friends, and you never can be certain how it will end.

  4. I’m on the fence with this here… When I had gay apps I would block guys who sent me unsolicited nudes because that shit is annoying & borderline disrespectful but I guess it was the norm there so I got used to it & just blocked and didn’t let it get to me.

    And btw WOMEN sends nudes too y’all! It’s not just men. I’ve seen videos from straight guys I follow who’ve complained about getting nudes from both women and men. It’s a two way street. Thirst has no gender.

    There’s a part of me that wants to feel bad for them, but then there’s that part of me that says; if they weren’t on social media nobody would bother them. That doesn’t mean that if you are on social media then you deserve this type of crassness. HOWEVER, it’s just an unfortunate part that comes with using the internet. You can’t control what idiots do online.

    In a nutshell, I’d say just suck it up (no pun lol). Get over it. You really can’t control what people do online & if you’re an attention whore who craves for Instagram fame then you better know what comes with it. I get what y’all are saying & I do agree. Some gay men have no boundaries & lust over these men who don’t want them but straight men do it to lesbians too. And women do it to some gay men too. I think because we’re gay, we focus on the thirst buckets in our community and that’s normal since they are somewhat a representation of us.

    But my whole point is, if it bothers you that much then get tf off the gram. Many gay men avoid straight men in real life because of prejudged homophobia so you can count on it that a gay guy would not bother you in public. If you want to be an Instagram whore then deal with it with the unwanted attention. We don’t live in a Utopia but the solution is pretty simple here. Case closed.

  5. Sorry my perspective has changed on this. The thirst is at an all time high and these dudes are straight up disrespectful.

    To me it’s the equivalent of flashing someone in public just because you find them attractive. Does it matter if the person has a short skirt on or the dick print happens to be visible? You’ll still go to jail. its still perverted, unwarranted, and unsolicited.

    Have some self respect. There are plenty of openly gay men on Instagram and snapchat to hound but they don’t want those.

    This man has given no indication he wants the attention of men. Most of his videos are of him working out. Not him in his draws or body rolling.

    I’d not only block these dudes. I’d report their profiles as well.

  6. Does he also block women he is not sexually attracted to who send disrespectful emails? If Mama June or Gabby Sidibe DM’d pics of their breast or vaginas/vulva would he block them.Attractive people(men,women,straight, gay) get hit on or propositioned daily on IG.If you don’t want to deal with unwanted attention by people you aren’t attracted to get off IG.

    Oh BTW I am tired of people acting like straight women aren’t just as thirsty as gay man.
    I only used Mama June and Gabby as examples I know some men find them attractive๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. It’s 2016 if you’re using social media to show off your attractive body or thirst trap pictures, then you can’t be surprise when you get unwanted attention Male or Female. As Jay said above all you have to do is just delete the picture and block the person and keep it moving or make your page private so only you can allow certain people To follow you ( but if they do that it makes gaining those all of those followers more challenging ๐Ÿ˜˜)

    I have lost sympathy for these attentionistos ( especially the male ones) Who complain about this sort of thing.

    P.S. I’m pretty sure if it is a bunch of girls sepending him pussy pics he wouldn’t be complaining.

    1. Which is interesting Mikey, because these straight dudes are posting shots of their asses, bulges, etc…and many women are not checking for that (at least they say they aren’t). LOL

      1. Right Christian,

        I’ve seen that too most of the leaked nudes of straight men and athletes I see online now do show their behinds a lot more

      2. I do know some women who like dick prints/ bulge/eggplant pics.I don’t care about dick prints or dick size,I care about stroke game ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.
        But seriously,I haven’t personally met any women who say they are interested in ass pics or in saggers.They may admire a guy’s ass in passing but they are not obsessed with asses. I follow this page @sexy_black_men.Most of the people who post comments are women ,they never post ass pics.It’s not a coincidence that almost all these IG pages focused on saggers,phat asses,etc are created by men and they are for men,IMO.

  8. I never understood why they send the sexts to supposedly straight males, and then get surprised at their response. No straight man likes to see other dudes ass/dick.

  9. That gif of Lea Michelle and Jessica is both hilarious and sad.I don’t really care for Lea, but how do you completely ignore someone that is saying hello to you? RUDE!

  10. I think this is a male thing. Many of the are not taught to respect any boundaries. I know the female attentionistas get it worse from str8 men, even to a point where their safety is threatened.

  11. I think you are wrong about this one. Anyone who displays his wares in the meat market doesn’t get to be indignant when people treat him like meat. If he sees a dick he doesn’t want, he should delete it and keep stepping. If he doesn’t want that kind of attention, he should stay the fuck off Instagram. You don’t get the benefits of free social media without accepting the costs too. If he were displaying his poetry online, people would expect that was the basis upon which he wanted to be addressed. If he’s displaying his body….same thing.

    1. ^so jay with that logic,
      that is like a vixen walking around half naked.
      she gets raped and someone says:

      “well she deserves it because she barely had any clothes on”

      so that is the same logic?

      1. i think the correct wording is the they shouldn’t be surprised if jackals come at them like that.

      2. I don’t consider sending a dick pick to attentionisto anything like rape and equating the two diminishes the horror that is rape.

        1. ^did they ask for the dick pics?
          it’s not like it’s a gay porno star.
          this is someone online and showing off their bawdy.
          they haven’t said they were gay or bi besides assumptions and rumors.
          my stance on it before was like yours.
          “well they deserve it being half naked online”,
          but it’s different when you are embarrassed for saying a compliment than an all out dick/ass pic that they didn’t ask for.

          i hope i’m making sense.

      3. I hear you. But I think some of these pineapples think of Instagram as a private space when it is nothing of the sort. I come from a philosophy that says the best way to keep the street out of your business is to keep your business out of the street. Instagram is well-known as the place for the thirsty to find eye candy and as a place for those who are beautiful but otherwise unskilled to trade on their sexuality. Choosing that venue instead of, say, a private website, gains you access to more admirers, some of whom will behave inappropriately. To think otherwise is foolish.

      4. I like your last comment Jay. I agree 100%!

        You don’t want the comments and/or attention, then don’t post half naked pics of yourself on a site that garners attention for just that, when you know that is exactly what you will get. It doesn’t give people license to be rude/disrespectful either, but in this day and age, some people have no filter and/or manners.

      5. J, I think that’s the mindset that a disturbed person would have. A woman no matter how poorly dressed she may be at times, does not deserve to be raped or touched in any way against her will. But she KNOWS that she will get attention from the outfit just the same.
        It’s like this woman at my friend’s wedding last week. She was a VERY pretty Latina with a big ass. She wore a tight ass peach colored spandex dress that stopped a tad bit under her crotch. Everytime she sat down or stood up, she was pulling the damn thing down. All eyes were on her all night, fellas and women alike. I’m sure many guys were thinking of doing something to her, and that may very well have been her mindset, to get some dicks hard…but it doesn’t give a guy the right to touch her in any way, shape, or form.

    2. I’m kinda with Jay on this one. I will play the devil’s advocate in some cases because I know the feeling of receiving an unwanted nude AFTER reiterating publicly that you don’t want to see nudes & trust me that shit is so annoying & redundant. People who do that are pathetic & classless. But at the same time, nobody would be sending you these pictures if you weren’t intentionally subjecting yourself into being sexually objectified online in front of thousands.

      Sorry but I’m not for the pity party here. None of these people are victims, I see what many of y’all are saying but some of it is somewhat of a reach. As I said I can empathize on both ends. Just because you post yourself half naked online then that doesn’t mean that you deserve to be bombarded with distasteful pictures of the human anatomy.

      However I’m saying that’s just inevitable if you crave to be an online sex symbol. Because quiet as it’s kept that’s what these boys/girls want. Yeah some of them are promoting themselves for “work” online so I get it, but at the same time you gotta roll with the punches. Just like a store clerk has to deal with rude needy customers at some point in work, you may have to face these horny thirst buckets.

      It would be great if they didn’t have to deal with it but we don’t live in a perfect world unfortunately. Of course it’s easier said than done but try to take it as a compliment that somebody wants you and just block them. I know that sounds weird but I think that’s the best way to not let it get to you.

      I’m not shaming these IG “famous” people btw, I’m just saying it’s just not that serious lol.

  12. Our gay brothers are so thirsty for a supposedly straight dude’s attention that they’ll completely embarrass themselves in an attempt to hook one. I’ve found that a lot of internet gays give no fucks about making a fool of themselves. They have nothing to lose. They certainly don’t care that their unwanted advances make it nearly impossible for the next lowkey wolf/fox/hybrid to make a subtle move. IMO, those ratchet and overbearing hyenas need to blasted publicly. A line has to be drawn at some point. Furthermore, who in their right mind is going to respond to a random ass/dick print? My thirsty gay bros, they have apps for your compulsive behavior; Grindr, Jack’d, etc… USE THEM! ๐Ÿ˜”

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