i don’t like looking dehydrated in ig comments

i don’t like commenting on certain wolves igs,
especially ones i’ve fonted about.
i don’t “do” dehydrated.
i’ve commented on shit before,
to like tremaine or bk brandon,
but it’s never on some:

“i want your pipe in my mouth”

…type of time.
i try to be respectful and have boundaries on other’s pages.
i might be the only one.
so today,
i saw a screen recording from shawn mendes ig.
he was recording live,
but i don’t know if it was recent or old.
a make up youtuber,
by the name of james charles,
left a comment…

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Your Hunger For Penis Has You Looking OD In These Streets

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.37.47 PMsome of the forest dwellers are doing it again.
some have been hounding chadoy leon real heavy.
he put on snapchat along the lines of disrespectful emails in his inbox.
he does the whole “personal training” thing,
but it seems some are fiending for his “sexual services”.
he did say in a message he put up about it:

“no disrespect to the gays”

…so i guess that’s a good start on his alleged “homophobia”.
the arrogant wolf,
“young baggy” aka “baggy large” said…
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