i don’t like looking dehydrated in ig comments

i don’t like commenting on certain wolves igs,
especially ones i’ve fonted about.
i don’t “do” dehydrated.
i’ve commented on shit before,
to like tremaine or bk brandon,
but it’s never on some:

“i want your pipe in my mouth”

…type of time.
i try to be respectful and have boundaries on other’s pages.
i might be the only one.
so today,
i saw a screen recording from shawn mendes ig.
he was recording live,
but i don’t know if it was recent or old.
a make up youtuber,
by the name of james charles,
left a comment…

“can you juggle me like that?”

…and fans/stans are saying shawn ended his live because of it.
he may have been offended.
it was revealed that james allegedly does that a lot in other straight celebs comments.
he would allegedly font really inappropriate shit.
my guess is he’s seeing how far he can go to get a dm.
now i won’t front,
i’ve fonted some real off the wall shit on the foxhole about some wolves,
but to go into a comment box with that kind of energy

…that sounds like a bad decision.
the way how i see it,
you’re in their world,
so it lead me to ask this question on my ig stories today:

i always felt weird about making my appearance.
i’m pretty “infamous” in these blogging forests.
some of these folks know me by word of mouth or google alerts.
they might be reading on the low.
some are cool with me; others aren’t.
if i did go in a box,
i usually font something basic like:

“nice picture!”

…or give an opinion on a meme/something they posted.
jeff loagz was nice enough to welcome me in his.
i’ve realized fonting:

“damn your bawdy looks good.
i want you to fuck me entirely stupid…”

…might be #teamtoomuch,
especially if i’ve written about the wolf.
it just feels a little dehydrated,
but it seems that has worked for others.
i feel like when you have an outlet like mine,
it might be a tad extra to be in the comments ackin’ up.
am i wrong for thinking this?

lowkey: i don’t even @ them as i use too.
i’ll hashtag tho.
some of these ig males be too sen-sah-tive.
they take a compliment as flirting.
 my dms are always open for the nonsense tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “i don’t like looking dehydrated in ig comments”

  1. Straight faghag girls do this same thing to hot muscular gay men On their Instagram comments saying that if you wasn’t gay I will fuck you and anything sexual stuff to gay men and The gay men feel very uncomfortable but they won’t block the girls because they are scared of the feminist movement Calling them misogynistic there was rumors about Shawn Mendes being gay If he didn’t want gay men to talk to him like that then he needs stop queer baiting Gay men

  2. The world can be pretty biased. Straight women stay doing this….and that nasty one, “You too cute to be gay.”

    Most of the time I can’t say it to straight men (not that I would) because even the unattractive ones think they are fine cause they have abs..

    It’s a Insta-Mess.

      1. People confirmed Shawn had a livestream and James was present for it. James commented “Can you juggle me like that?” Then Shawn’s stream ended. It ended because his phone ran out of battery.

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