trump has access to our phones now?

i can tell you what i was doing when ^that alert came in…

i was talking with my current supervisor.
as i was listening to something he was telling me,
all of a sudden,
my pocket started to vibrate like crazy.
in my head,
i was already blackin out.
folks should know i’m at work than to call me.
my home vixen was blowing up my phone to talk earlier.
so i thought it was her.
as i was pulling mine out,
my supervisor was pulling his out as well.
^that reads kinda nasty
it was like we read the message in unison.
he went along like it was nothing afterwards,
but i felt pretty unsettled by it.
something didn’t,
and still isn’t,
sitting right with me about it.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “trump has access to our phones now?”

  1. I felt the same way man. I don’t want to be sinister and think that this is just preparation for some shit that is about to go down very soon. I’ll just think thoughts like “The government is doing this to prepare for hurricanes and other emergencies like that. Yea. That’s it.” And stop thinking what I initially thought which was maybe another attack in the U.S. was coming besides the continuous domestic terrorist attacks rooted in white supremacy.

  2. There are a lot of us Security Professionals questioning the motives behind this. More specifically why does the President need this level of access when we have multiple agencies at the local, state and national levels who are responsible for emergency management. Something in the water doesn’t compute…

      1. John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Antivirus and Security, tweeted about how this Presidential Alert/The Purge notification has access to your phone’s GPS, camera, microphone, contact info, etc. So basically, they can listen in on you, know your exact location, record your voice, take pics/videos of you and you wont know anything about it. This is the exact tweet from his Twitter account:

        “@officialmcafee :The “Presidential alerts”: they are capable of accessing the E911 chip in your phones – giving them full access to your location, microphone, camera and every function of your phone. This not a rant, this is from me, still one of the leading cybersecurity experts. Wake up people!”

        They are planning something. Maybe Trump will try to do something or announce something to interfere with the midterm elections? I dont put anything pass him and I hope America will wake up sooner than later.

  3. Jamari do you still have that post I mentioned last year about something with the smartphones and the mark of the beast and the people will be marked with the “chips”? I was trying to do search but I’d get lost doing it…So I just gave

    Anyways, so this what was going on. At my job they made us do something with our phones so mostly everyone turned them off. One of my co-workers turned his back on and had that message or something. I never got the message so idk what’s up with that.

    I hear there is a rumor swirling about something dealing with the Chinese or Russians or whatever. I don’t keep up with too much so I’m not very sure of it’s credibility.

    Anywho’s you should be careful where you go to get your stuff online, also be weary of those ad porn sites. You could have foreign probers on your phone. I don’t know the likelihood hood but it could be quite possible. A lot of illegal porn is online based from other countries with no international copyright…blah..blah..

    Lol, whoever mentioned something in the post about hurricane alert. I giggled. That was a funny thought.

    I doubt it’s anything serious..(yet..) I don’t keep up with politics too much too care to be honest.

    But there is some communications going on in the background somewhere. Something probably may have leaked???? 🤔

    As far as America “waking up”, it ain’t happening. America is built on a lie…and they say in God they trust but do the opposite all the time. Not being negative, just realistic. You can really wake up if you continue to live in a delusion and are content with it.

    This phone mess probably has nothing to do for what’s coming in the future anyways (maybe…who knows)so keep on living your normal life and be about your business like it never happened. Probably getting read for some voting rigging and all that political mess.

    Happy Thursday. Hope y’all cooking good tonight…!

      1. It’s probably nothing but in this day and age who knows. Ya know I was researching something. I really think if the story of Adam and Eve was true (which I think it’s partly a fairytale) but I believe Adam was actually an androgynous being. That would explain the whole removing Eve from him which is stupid in thought but you get what I’m saying. It kinda makes you wonder if Adaam was really a hermaphrodite?

        Anyways, I had to defend one guy I knew from one of his minister relatives who was attacking him because he had nails and braids like a woman now and he told him that a man should not wear the clothes of a man and vice versa. This is in the Bible.

        So I asked him what does he think about women that wear earrings, and people that have tattoos since the Bible forbids that. I also asked him how does he know his version of the Bible is correct since black slaves had no concept of the current religion?

        Don’t tell me it’s because other people in other countries do bad things that makes American religion right because America is a country that says one nation under God with liberty and justice and yet people still kill each other over here like flies and often in the name of the Lord? I had to also check him on using quotes from the old testament to support his claims because if that was the case he would be in trouble as well since he already had kids out of marriage which are still here to this day.

        But his response to all of this was, “I Have Faith.”

        Thinking back to this reminded me of how America was “founded”…by a bunch of racists who nearly wiped out the Native Americans because they didn’t want to be enslaved then the racists tried to “domesticate” the Black slaves they brought over here.

        And I was like Well, this country is built on the blood of the original founders and the backs of dark foriegners by racists. So people are fighting for equality in a country made for enemy.

        I think Trump deserves some watching…perhaps he is the bad seed or maybe there is one that will be even worse than him afterwards. Only time will tell.

        I had been meaning to get me a new passport…🤔

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