some are harassing us because they think they’ll lose the country

i’m deeply concerned with where this county is going.
some folks are just boldly walking up to you,
drunk off of racist energy,
and going full YOLO with the shits.
it’s always good when you have an ally who will fight for you.
we don’t have a lot of white allies nowadays,
but the ones we do have,
they need to be highlighted.
so this tweet flew down my timeline:

and this was the video that was attached…

she said:

“You will lose this country…”

wtf is she even barking about?
we will lose this country all right.
that orange jackal is doing a good job of destroying it.
his evil ways are doing it from the inside out.
she is part of the problem if she doesn’t realize.
minorities out here are trying to mind our business,
stay hydrated,
and make this schmoney to retire peacefully.
where do these snow jackals even live?
that couldn’t have happened up here in new yawk.
they all woulda took turns dragging her tail.
kudos to that older snow vixen for stepping in.
there needs to be a lot more like that.

4 thoughts on “some are harassing us because they think they’ll lose the country

  1. Lol why you call her an older snow vixen she’s like 28 at best. But real talk it’s only white men in new York who be cutting up but ppl don’t play that isht for real.

  2. It’s so interesting to me how the instigators attack people but when they are confronted and called on their B.S. they instantly play the victim role as if they were not the just the ones harrassing innocent people trying to live the lives. I need to figure out how to move to Toronto. Lol. I heard it’s like a cleaner version of Manhattan. I’ll allow it.

  3. That’s one of my biggest fears, I’m going to knock the shit out of anyone coming up in my face talking shit!! I have to pray constantly because I work with people like this. Please pray for me foxhole.

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