i want my manz to take some weekends to have sex with whoever he wants

folks really like to invite nonsense into their lives…
gay relations can be different than straight ones.
we move a lot differently in relationships,
even though with many situations,
it can still have the same outcome.
we are still humans like our hetero counterparts,
so some shit might not fly.
so a foxholer sent me the following and asked me my thoughts…

not the mags and 400 dollars tho…
i think whoever wrote this…
should go stand in front of the mirror…
look themselves in the eyes…
and slap themselves in the face with a raw chicken…
over and over.

first of all,
a break?
is the relationship a job?
are they clocking in and out for the weekend?
this just screams “doormat” to me.

Who would respect someone that would do this?

in gay eyes,
that reads like an escorting situationship.
i can see an older john doing that to his best trick.
most gays like “sex party/open relationship”.
it’s cheating,
but with your partner.
before i use to think i would be okay with that,
but the way my jealousy “be” set up…

i’m so good.
i know for damn sure,
i wouldn’t be sending my wolf out there to have a fuck fest.
a fuck fest on me.

i’m mad at that 400 dollars.
what in the hobosexual is going on?
my way of dating might be different than others.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Would you give your partner condoms and money to do “whatever” for the weekend?


How would you feel if your partner did that to you?

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “i want my manz to take some weekends to have sex with whoever he wants”

  1. Seems like he/she is trying to get rid of their significant other for the weekend to possibly have some fun of their own. In other words what’s the point of being together if that’s the case. If not I can’t wrap my head around why someone would do some stupid shit like that.

  2. See is slim picking out here for us so we go all Nivea and you betta not mess with my man. But these girls oh boy the things they allow because they feel their men doing what they do is inevitable so better to encourage and settle versus being stressed. At least that’s why I assume my head because oh girl wouldn’t be me.

  3. Yo I’ve been in an open relationship for almost six years. My partner and I will hire massage therapists for each other, sometimes with a happy ending. I like to see him have fun and vice versa (you can read my blog for that). There is a big difference between sex and a relationship. Still, some relationships are totally monogamous. That works for some couples and for others it doesn’t work. But for the couple that posted this pic obviously it does. Different strokes for different folks. #stopjudging #notallrelationshipsarethesame #letthemhavetheirfun

    1. Agree with you immanuel. I’m new in the consensual non-monogamy game. I’ve discovered that there are so many types of relationships. I just finished reading “Stepping Off the Relationship Escalator”, and the author goes through all the different types of consensual non-monogamous relationships. Y’all should check out that book as well as “Black and Poly” on FB and Kevin Patterson’s Poly Role Models.

  4. I’ve been keeping this to myself, but it might help someone.

    I do not message/call/text men after 9pm. If they want to hear from me/see me, it will be in the morning on their day off, afternoon or early evening.

    When they start bringing the conversation to sex, I literally will pull up a guy that’s their type on the app we met on and show it to them.

    It catches them off guard, but until we’re officially boyfriends, go screw who you want to.

    When you’re serious, you can have my body. Most don’t make it that far. I don’t stress over anyone who isn’t my boyfriend. Talking is noise you can hear. Texts are words you can see. They mean nothing. His actions do.

    When somebody wants to get to know you, they’ll be afraid to mess things up and there won’t be a doubt in your mind that he’s genuinely trying to make you smile. You won’t have to overanalyze the text he sent to 8 other dudes, not to mention women.

    Its not about being out and super gay. Men are allowed to meet in public, with their clothes on.

    Girls get jealous when guys go to hang with ‘their boys’.

    Oh and as for dates, you won’t have to wonder if it is one or if you’re just kicking it. You’ll know because he’ll say so.

    “When are you going to let me take you out?” is NOT, “When can I see you?”

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