it be like a scene in mean girls when penis is involved

i fux with mean girls heavy.
i’m sure i watched that movie over 100 times.
i own it to so…

vixens can be very catty,
especially when it comes to penis.
they will stab you on some jon snow/game of thrones shit…

…over a pineapple.
hell some of us as gay males get involved in their cattiness too.

Don’t have a dude be attracted to you and not some vixen you know.

She is in love/lust with his ass,
but he really is interested in you.


you won a gay or bi male!
the following video is the perfect example of vixen cattiness at its best.
3 “friends” were pulled into a prank.
 2 of the friends called one of their manz to see if he would cheat.
they were supposed to pretend they wanted to chill with him without the girlfriend.

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i want my manz to take some weekends to have sex with whoever he wants

folks really like to invite nonsense into their lives…
gay relations can be different than straight ones.
we move a lot differently in relationships,
even though with many situations,
it can still have the same outcome.
we are still humans like our hetero counterparts,
so some shit might not fly.
so a foxholer sent me the following and asked me my thoughts…
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Andrew Caldwell Is The Wolf You Secretly Want To Smash

13316795_1015308285205739_424103224173172218_owho is andrew caldwell?
well he is a MAN bay-beeeeeeee.
that’s right.
he is the leader of all the males.
andrew caldwell is still out here looking for the “wimmenz”.
he is also a straight killa now too.
a ryda.
you know how he do.
he seems to have had some beef recently.
a f-bi sent me a video of him putting his foot down…
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“Caitlyn Jenner Does BBC” In The Near Future?

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 4.06.49 PMi knew this was coming.
caitlyn jenner wants a wolf.
they tried to sell us that bridge,
you know the one down in bk,
about her being this “lesbian transsexual venusian goddess”.
well i guess caityln lied to ya’ll.
this is what entertainment tonight had to say…
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You Ain’t No Man

kinsey_scale_by_mdimotta-d5h855ci don’t get the big difference between straight and gay wolves.
i really don’t.
both can be emotionally detached,
lookin’ for companionship in the wrong places,
and can have a nasty habit of stickin’ everything that moves.
so the disgust i see about our life kinda leaves me baffled.
they do it,
but just in a way that’s more “acceptable”.
or is it?…
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