bobby shmurda, bundles, beds, and the possibility of balls?

all i got was ^this and a dm saying:


i love when ya’ll send me shit in dramatic.
it looks like bobby shmurda using someone’s bundles as a pillow.
when i focused all the way…

so i get on twitter and saw this…

if does have another male in his bed…

Did Bobby cum out of the closet and I missed the memo?

ever since bobby got out of jail,
some of ya’ll been adding him to the sus list.

he responded to everyone’s silent questions:

uh huh.

i don’t know wtf he is talking about.
he was better off not responding tbh.
if you aren’t gonna make sense and launch conspiracy theories

It’s best to not say anything and let your stans respond instead.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “bobby shmurda, bundles, beds, and the possibility of balls?”

  1. There is an old saying….’ ‘Wherever there’s smoke there’s fire”. His name comes up often with “Spiciness” ( ha ha ). I am not saying he is Bi/Gay because I don’t know. Though the sex of the person in the pic is murky, I think its a female. However, people keep questioning his sexuality for some reason. I don’t believe its due to his prison stint because 70 % of these rappers go or have been locked up. [side bar] I don’t find him attractive in the least so more power to him .( ha ha ha )

    1. I agree Justin. Its never been “Cool to Out someone”.

      For some strange reason ” Some” STRAIGHT and GAY people are fascinated by Homosexuality!!! Really.

      I only care about someone’s sexual preference if I fancy them. And that’s rare. I am very picky.

    2. So having somebody film this has nothing….. You need to stop protecting down low trade especially if they want to live dangerously. Plus we don’t if that’s was they person. Could have been for clout. Either way of you film it, it may get seen. Let’s not and say we did ya dig!

  2. Its called acting at the end of the day. Its straight men on twitter playing with dildos, cucumbers, and fingers, got onlyfans fingering themself to a woman or letting a woman peg them… and we worried about Bobby laying in a video with a man with a bad lace front. Really. This is not 1993 where we watching Ricki Lake and just now finding out about men on the DL. We are approaching 2023… how many years later and y’all worried about who people laying in the bed with? I expect Jason Lee to post something like this, Jason Lee is a messy queen. This man brings Bobby Lytes ex to a dating show after he probably low key sucked his dick. Then turn around and instigate a fight turning the show from a reality-dating show to a knock-off wannabe Bad Boyz Club fail.

    1. Thank you! This speculation about a man lying in bed with any other consenting adult is so childish and last century. So what if it’s a man or woman or nonbinary person or trans? Who cares unless you’re in a relationship with him, let him live his life and if you like his music, stan and if not, keep stepping. And does it really have to be said again that there is nothing wrong with being gay, bi, pan, etc.? The people most worked up about other people’s sexual orientations and gender are the most sus and should look in the mirror and maybe get some counseling!

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