tim norman and “sweetie pies” won’t go together well in prison

this story has been on my mind since it broke.
i still cannot fathom the psychotic actions of tim norman.
he is miss robbie’s son on the show,
sweetie pies“.
( x remember this story )
i still cannot get over him killing his nephew for insurance money.
this scene on the show bothered me:

you had him killed here and said all of that with a straight face.
that is some legit psycho shit.
there is a huge update on tim’s fate…

After over 17 hours of deliberations, the jury in the trial of the son of Robbie Montgomery, reality TV star and owner of Sweetie Pie’s restaurant, who was charged with commissioning a murder-for-hire plot that killed his teenage nephew in 2016, issued a guilty verdict.

James Timothy Norman, 41, was found guilty on all charges, including conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire, murder-for-hire resulting in death and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Missouri.

and everyone else involved went down too:

All three of Norman’s co-defendants pleaded guilty before trial. On June 3, 2022, Travell Anthony Hill, now 31, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire and one count of murder-for-hire. Hill admitted that prior to Montgomery’s death, he met with a mutual acquaintance of his and Norman’s, who told Hill that Norman wanted Montgomery killed. On the day of Montgomery’s death, Hill and Norman met in St. Louis and Norman told Hill that a woman would be calling with Montgomery’s location. After receiving a call from the woman, Terica Ellis, Hill fatally shot Montgomery with a .380-caliber handgun at 8:02 p.m. and then disposed of the gun and his phone. He was later paid $5,000.

On July 22, Ellis, 38, pleaded guilty to the murder-for-hire conspiracy charge and Waiel “Wally” Rebhi Yaghnam, 44, pleaded guilty to a charge of wire and mail fraud conspiracy.


( x the details in this article show how heartless tim is ).
tim had his hoe on hire,
a goon on call,
and an insurance agent on stand by.
this story is so crazy to me.
tim was literally in line to take over “sweetie pies“.
it’s like he went mad with power when he concocted this scheme.

Imagine if he got away with it.

 would he have killed off other family members next?

he legit “mourned” in all their faces after he had his nephew murdered.
that is some really cold shit.
he acted for the cameras to help boost his sympathy points.
i cannot imagine how his family feels after all was revealed.

greed is an interesting thing.
i’m sure he will be in jail for the rest of his life.
his nickname is about to be “sweetie pies“.

lowkey: andre tried to get help and it seems he was allegedly dismissed.
i hope everyone who ignored his pleas doesn’t sleep well.

article cc: cnn | article 2: justice.gov

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “tim norman and “sweetie pies” won’t go together well in prison”

  1. Reading the text messages, I see that Andre was fearful of Snuffaluffagus, thinking he might do what he eventually did do. Robbie knows where the hidden bones are. Janae dodged several bullets as did Jennifer Williams. Robbie readily believed Andre’s guilt but feigned innocence on whether she thought Tim has a hand in this murder. She is a character. I wonder how many dead bodies she has hidden somewhere. Those hips on Tim should guarantee him plenty of cigarettes and wanted or unwanted attention. It’s going to be Welcome To Shitty Pie’s for him So sad.
    If I was Andre’s Mother, I would sue Robbie for everything, including the panties she wore as an Ikette.

  2. The way the young man was trying to protect himself and warn others about this evil fool is in those text messages is scary. I feel like Robbie need to be held as an accessory to the crime as she was the reason he returned.

    1. ^ this definitely put a damper on the image miss robbie and tim tried to portray on that show tbh.
      i can’t look at miss robbie the same with what i saw in the texts.
      not only that,
      her standing by tim after all the evidence.

      she moved too funny for me.

  3. Given that Tim allegedly planned and oversaw this horrific murder of nephew Andre in Missouri, he could have faced the death penalty. Instead he’ll end up rotting away in jail, as he should.

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