it be like a scene in mean girls when penis is involved

i fux with mean girls heavy.
i’m sure i watched that movie over 100 times.
i own it to so…

vixens can be very catty,
especially when it comes to penis.
they will stab you on some jon snow/game of thrones shit…

…over a pineapple.
hell some of us as gay males get involved in their cattiness too.

Don’t have a dude be attracted to you and not some vixen you know.

She is in love/lust with his ass,
but he really is interested in you.


you won a gay or bi male!
the following video is the perfect example of vixen cattiness at its best.
3 “friends” were pulled into a prank.
 2 of the friends called one of their manz to see if he would cheat.
they were supposed to pretend they wanted to chill with him without the girlfriend.

ummmmmmmmm bitch…


did she zone out when she agreed to be in on the prank?
it sounds like she missed that part.
my next question:

Why is she not calling her man and flipping the fuck out on him?

her phone shoulda been beep beeping and bing binging calling his ass.

your man is a sneaky asshole,
it sounds like this prank helped her see what trash he is.

if i was one of those friends,
i woulda checked her ass on live.
if we fought,
i woulda beat her whole ass.
if i drove her there,
she better learn how to hitchhike because she woulda been walking home.
these are the types who will choose a man over you.
he can lie,
and beat their ass around the entire planet,
and she will still choose him over you.

some gay males are like this too.
folks like this have low self-esteem and hate being alone.
they get involved with any scumbag and lose their minds.
God forbid their pack of wild bitches gets involved.
you know it’s a wrap when the equally insecure friends get in their head.
consider your reputation ruined.
if you’re one of these types who choose trash males over friends:

Get some self-worth.

you can’t be a dumbass all yo life.

lowkey: i can be spiteful when i’m dark cancer.
i’ll fuck him good.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “it be like a scene in mean girls when penis is involved”

  1. A whole bobblehead. Her friends need to drop her insecure self. She put the responsibility on her friends as “you shouldn’t have tempted him”.

    She didn’t see anything about him being trash. She thinks men can’t control themselves and blames women. It’s apparently women’s job to not “make” men cheat.

  2. I believe she was embarrassed about the fact that she had such confidence in that bf and he was ready to cheat on her w/ her friends that’s why she was trying to save face but made it worse. She realized she made it worse actually and it was already too late to fix that situation.

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