when ya’ll got up in gotdamnzo cheeks, ya’ll made him hit a high note

i don’t understand why people speak on their platforms,
scorch earth with their opinions,
but as soon as the public legit builds a highway up their ass,
they suddenly don’t know how to handle the backlash.
someone recorded a clip of zoie aka @gotdamnzo having a tiny meltdown.
ya’ll got up in them cheeks real deep because you hit them feelings hard…


i would have respected him if he didn’t even respond tbh.
it didn’t need a response.
he said what he said,
regardless if some folks in the community didn’t like it or not.
now he’s screamin’ “fuck you” and praying to God like a dramatic dork.
he is giving me insecurity compared to how he came off in ( x the original video ).
he was very sure of what he liked and got rattled by the backlash.

if you’re gonna let your dark side out to play,
it’s gonna come with opinions.
if you are gonna stand in your truth in the most controversial of ways

…then you’ll have to accept that some folks will rage.

the public didn’t come out ya mama vagina with you.
they won’t be in the coffin with you when you die.
his opinion is not the voice of the community.
he is not the voice of the community.
as ignorant as it was,
that’s his life choices to deal with it.
we all might not have agreed,
but he is allowed to say or feel what he likes.
we don’t have to like it or even pay attention to him ever again if we are that bothered.

If you gonna play “the villain” then go all the way.

it’s gonna come with backlash,
and they’ll run a whole marathon in them butt cheeks,
but it’s your truth.
they’ll have to deal.


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9 thoughts on “when ya’ll got up in gotdamnzo cheeks, ya’ll made him hit a high note

  1. That man has nothing to offer than a couple of followers. No man really wants him, unless it’s sexually, trust he’s been passed around in Atlanta and he’s not as far removed as he wants to be. He steady talks down about his own people, yet he walks and embodies that same negative energy he does not want. Gotdamzo has a lot of insecurities and I wish him well but the matter of fact is that he has paraded his ignorance enough. Some rapper once said “pride always goeth before the fall, almost certainly.”

    He’s not the only either most of these new influencers as fake celebrities are not who they appear to be, especially in our community. They seem to look like us, but they don’t want to associate at all.

  2. He is an introvert and has always had a mini meltdown on IG for some of the most petty reasons. I think he prefers the dl masculine type because he wants to be a private person and that’s what he should have said and left it at that. DL doesn’t always mean they have a woman, some people just prefer to be the DL private type which means you will know if I want you to know.

  3. I am soooooo disappointed with him.

    His comedic talents misled me to think he was smart, witty and astute!!

    Social media will reveal everybody’s Achilles heel if you stay on too long!!

    In the words of my House Mother “Willamina ” Shakespeare…….

    “SHUT – ith to the UP-ith!!”


  4. All he had to say was he’s only into masculine or DL men and leave it at that. The problem is him bashing ALL openly gay men as ran thru and messy. He clearly don’t pull no dl niggas…

  5. This queen is so delusional, and you would think pushing 40 he would have some kind of sense but watch him be lonely, and delusional well into his 40s dumb bish

  6. He’s definitely entitled to have a preference, but if he’s seeking “DL/masculine” men because his perception is that openly gay men get passed around, then he needs to reconsider because those type of men are just as promiscuous as some openly gay men, and sometimes even more because they’re sleeping with both women and men. I feel like he just likes that type in general, and it has nothing to do with gay men being hoes, that’s just what he’s into which is okay but just be real about it.

  7. That’s exactly the point. He was playing, cus he didn’t believe what was coming out of his mouth. Now that everyone is confirming how dumb he sounds, he can’t deal. Stop inviting ppl into ur play play land, just to be talkin, and then getting frustrated when everyone refuses to call it reality.

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