when ya’ll got up in gotdamnzo cheeks, ya’ll made him hit a high note

i don’t understand why people speak on their platforms,
scorch earth with their opinions,
but as soon as the public legit builds a highway up their ass,
they suddenly don’t know how to handle the backlash.
someone recorded a clip of zoie aka @gotdamnzo having a tiny meltdown.
ya’ll got up in them cheeks real deep because you hit them feelings hard…

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You Thought Your 2016 Was Bad?

you know what’s crazy?????
i literally thought about ^this wolf,
kain carter aka @hotdamnirock,
the other day.
he was like one of the first to do video blogging.
i use to see his videos everywhere and then he disappeared.
you never know what someone is going through.
everyone has a cross to bear.
you would think kain would be living the life out here.
he has 847k followers on youtube and is pretty popular.
well he vanished for the entire 2016.
no one knew what happened to him.
and thank God for tumblr,
he recently made a video about what happened.
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Phil Jackson Has Something To Say To Kendrick Lamar

jack_perkins_phil_jacksonwell someone tweeted retired baller wolf coach of the la lakers,
phil jackson,
about this line in kendrick lamar’s lyrical massacre on “control”:

“If Phil Jackson came back,
still no coachin’ me.
I’m uncoachable,
I’m unsociable.”

well look at what phil had to say
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I. Can’t. Breath. Neither Could He.

Jack Andraka a pretty smart guy.
He is only fifteen and already studying under a doctor at John Hopkins.
He maybe rolling in dough soon enough.
Soon from now, he will have some Kim Kardashian lookalike on his arm.

Jack won the top award at Intel ISEF 2012.
He created a new, non-invasive method to detect early-stage pancreatic cancer.
A childhood dream of his to win this award.
I love a feel good story.
But check his reaction to winning the award

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