You Thought Your 2016 Was Bad?

you know what’s crazy?????
i literally thought about ^this wolf,
kain carter aka @hotdamnirock,
the other day.
he was like one of the first to do video blogging.
i use to see his videos everywhere and then he disappeared.
you never know what someone is going through.
everyone has a cross to bear.
you would think kain would be living the life out here.
he has 847k followers on youtube and is pretty popular.
well he vanished for the entire 2016.
no one knew what happened to him.
and thank God for tumblr,
he recently made a video about what happened.

i legit cried watching this.
first off,
it scared me as i had to wonder:

Who would rescue me in those circumstances?

that alone has me feeling overwhelmed.
the second is…
it was like one thing after the other with him.

cousin died
dog sick
him sick
best friend died

he is surely being tested.


he definitely needs to be thrown through a prayer circle.
i don’t know about you but things like this humble me.
it shows me that any of us could take a dramatic fall.
we are not immune from a “365 days later” life.
stories like this also make you realize your “friends” bounce.
those you thought were down for you run once shit hits the fan.
start to recognize the real from the fake in your life.
family is not immune either.
i pray this year for him is much better.

lowkey: is it wrong to say that video made me want to get my life together?

11 thoughts on “You Thought Your 2016 Was Bad?

  1. By the time the video finishes I’m in utter an complete silence …I started to reflect …I felt every word every instance every ounce of emotion he conveyed in that video …I reminisced on my 3 years of arduous times and despair …I pray for his well being and for his light to shine again …may he find peace and solace in his time of recovery …it’s hard listening because my mind pondered what was and what’s not anymore ….my pastor said we WIN this year and from now on …CLAIM it !!!

  2. Wow–no words…

    So I’m watching the video and thinking to myself that he looks familiar. Then I saw from his cousin’s obituary that he’s from Baltimore.

    I’m from Baltimore and use to work at a mall in the area. He came into my store once, and one of my coworkers started fanning out because she followed him on YouTube. I had no idea who he was at the time, but I remember him being so cool. From that point, I followed him on YouTube which I just remembered when I checked my YouTube account.

    I felt his story in my soul–to the point where I’m feeling numb after watching the video. Life is very hard and it really hurts my heart knowing the things that so many people face.

    All we can really do is hold on to the things that make us smile. Easier said than done.

  3. This guy got me through college(well technically I haven’t finished lol) I shed a tear after watching this when he posted it.

  4. Wow that was powerful.I had never heard of him but it pains me to hear his (test)imony.I’m praying 2017 is better also.

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