Queen Latifah Says It Was Hard To Play Gay (Like Some?)

alright queen!
i love queen latifah.
i’ve been a fan of hers since “living single”.
i have seen all her movies besides “bessie”.
i know.
she has smooth gone through this industry without any drama.
well another who i love,
tracee ellis ross,
interviewed queen for the march 2017 in style magazine.
tracee asked her what her hardest role to play was.
this was her answer

Queen Latifah on one of her toughest career decisions: “When I got the role of amateur bank robber Cleo Sims in Set It Off, I sat down with my younger siblings and told them, ‘Listen, I’m playing a gay character. Your classmates might tease you or say negative things about it. But I’m doing it because I believe I can bring positive attention to the gay African-American community, and I believe that I can do a great job as an actor.’”


wait hole up…
now her answer was interesting.
the vix-bi who sent in the entry pointed this out:


“People are puzzled by this response saying, “but you are gay or bisexual.” I have noticed she always refers to LGBT community as they or them. She did that when she officiated at the Grammy Wedding, she said she was happy they (gays and lesbians) were included in the ceremony. I wonder if she thinks of herself as a straight woman who has relationships with women? Its fascinating how people define themselves.”


the vix-bi makes a very valid point.
what i’ve noticed is queen never gets dragged for it.
let that have been a male doing what she is doing,
he would have been called all kinds of “dl” and “lying”.
queen hasn’t announced her sexuality.
we all kind of just assume it is what it is.
why are we more forgiving to vixens?
it’s okay for vixens to play the “dl” role.
as males,
we need to play “every little step i take” with our sexuality.
a vixen dressing as a male can a “tomboy“,
but a male who is slightly feminine is a “f*ggot”.
if we aren’t coming out the closet to “help someone else”,
we are a disgrace to the community as a whole.
maybe most of the d/l males don’t want to be defined either?
why is that not “okay”?
why do we have to set this “example”,
yet vixens can eat cat sammiches and be “straight” the next week?
and don’t give me the:

Well vixens it’ more accepted

…but gay/bi males will fight tooth and nail to be accepted.
everyone doesn’t want “gender” roles,
but will fly in a fit when someone is living their life on the low.
i can’t keep up anymore.
so maybe queen is actually straight?
maybe she just does her?
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Why is it wrong when males just want to “do them”?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Queen Latifah Says It Was Hard To Play Gay (Like Some?)”

  1. No ones ever had confirmation that she was gay. None of the women people assumed she was dating said anything. We just see her on vacations with women and assume. We do the same with Missy Elliott and with MC Lyte.

    At this point she has no reason to lie and it would probably benefit her more than hurt her career.

    Maybe she is straight.

  2. There are pictures of Latifah kissing and being affectionate with her girlfriends most notably Jeanette Jenkins and Ebonii Nichols online.

    As for her answer after reading it again I looked at it a different way.Set it Off was filmed in 1995, it’s possible her siblings were in elementary and middle school and didn’t know she dated women.Another theory is we all know that in many families it would be more acceptable to play a murderer than a gay person especially during that time period.Remember Denzel warned Will Smith about playing a gay character and how it may affect his standing in black community if he kissed a guy.So I am not side eying her response as much as I was when I first read it.

      1. He didn’t do the kissing scene.He was warned about doing a scene showing him actually kiss another guy.Will says he regrets not being secure enough to do that scene.He said he should not have taken the role if wasn’t going to fully commit.They filmed it at an angle where you couldn’t see that they didn’t kiss.

  3. maybe she bi, like Y Colette said I’ve seen pictures of her being affectionate with rumored girlfriends in the past.I don’t think anyone really cares at this point she has still been able to make movies and TV shows without it really been a problem. People make assumptions about Tyler Perry, John Travolta, Chase Crawford, Missy etc it just is what it is.

  4. I forgot to address the double standards earlier.Latifah is a rapper turned actor.Can you imagine any “straight ” male rapper turned actor out there who would be given a pass if there were pics online of him kissing a boyfriend on the lips? Would anybody say let’s not make assumptions, he may be “straight”? I can’t think of any guy who would get that same treatment.

    I think someone could leak a video of Latifah eating out some chick and some people would still say,”Well we don’t know..” LMAO😂

  5. She is ambiguous, i don’t know if she gay straight bi or whatever and i honestly don’t care. But no man could get away with being that ambiguous. It may sound stupid but i think the double standard can be for two contradictory but concurrent reasons

    1 A patriarcal society where the man is expected to do and to be everything. the woman being the “weaker sex”, every questionable thing she could do would be put under the patronising “well she’s a woman”, just like when a child do something.

    2 Hyper feminisim. Some people (and i’m guilty of that some times) think that women already had it hard in the past and still do to be fair, so they can have a pass on more things than men. To condemn a woman can be seen as sexims really fast, so they don’t want to.

  6. This is irrelevant in a way because no one really keen on whether she is straight or not anymore. At this point, she can just do her.

  7. Does it really matter? I am at a place in my life where the answer is No! I have enough going on in my own life to even think of someone else’s life, unless I am interested in a relationship. I like fine clothes but refuse to wear a label that shows on the outside. Quality shows. I identify as a gay Black man but I don’t carry myself in a stereotypical manner, does that make me wrong? Who said what and how a Gay Man or Woman has to carry himself/ herself or define himself/ herself? I don’t understand the need for this discussion.
    I just read and article and realized the alphabet for our community have added more letters! LGBTQIA!!!! Where will it stop? The Divide and Conquer Is real People!! Lets not be so hard on our own, Live and let Live. It is her life not mine.

    1. You’re right, it doesn’t matter. Whether someone is gay or not is not news to me unless I’m romantically interested. Other than that,I’ll let people live their lives while I work on my own.

  8. Queen IS Gay — I know Jeanette Jenkins (we taught fitness together) she used to have a FIONE wolf boyfriend who she kicked to the curb for Queen. They have vacationed together with Alicia Keys and Swizz, keep in mind they have even co owned property together. I used to think that Queen was a self hating gay woman – but now that I really examine it I think that she really just values her privacy. While I think she can be a role model and I think with so many people talking about how being gay is wrong – I think it would save more lives if people came out. YET – she is entitled to her privacy.

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