if you’re gay, out, breathing and everyone done had you, don’t even dm gotdamnzo

all males within the life have a fantasy of what their ideal partner is.
some want males who are out and proud,
but a large majority want the “gay with me only” type of male.
he is head over heels in love/lust with just you and only you.
he is a sneaky link for your sexuality alone.
that type of male is a unicorn of sorts.
zoie aka @gotdamnzo,
a youtube content creator of comedy,
shared his interest for that type of male that had many not laughing

why did that vixen lick her whole hand like that?

so one of my bffs knows a fox who met a wolf that was like what zoie described.
they were together for years but the wolf:

– Never claimed him
– Got some vixen pregnant
– Was in and out of the relationship
– Ended up fuckin’ other foxes throughout the city
– Got addicted to drugs and is a shell of his former attractive self

i’m not saying this is the rule,
but that is one story like the many we have.
i’m gonna font a controversial statement.
for one:

We HAVE to stop policing others for their desires and fantasies.

two: zoie is welcomed to be attracted to that type of male,
but everything comes with a good and bad side.
nothing is ever perfect.
even though what he said was off-putting,
it seems he wants the “wade from noah’s arc” special.

A straight-acting and appearing male who never messed with a male.

he wants a male who will probably fuck his brains out and keep him a secret.
that’s all that may ever happen tho.
it’s worst when he still deals with vixens too.
i’ve learned males like that are really insecure.
the only thing they know is you and being gay will make them uncomfortable.
an insecure male who is uncomfortable will never end well.
you can try to make him everything you desire,
but he’ll leave you with a broken heart and a headache to match.

Dudes like that are gonna good as sneaky links

they don’t have the emotional bandwidth to handle all that comes with being with another male.
use them for what they were made for:


fuckin’ your (or his) brains completely…


find a discreet gay male who wasn’t had by everyone and is relationship material.
he doesn’t have to be out but he must know himself,
have experience,
comfortable in his own fur,
and isn’t messy.
i find those males to be more my speed in relationships than the dl or “brand-spankin’ new”.
it seems like zoie doesn’t want a messy gay dude as a partner,
and that’s fine,
but he should aim for one who isn’t going to end up driving him crazy with his confusion.

lowkey: 98% of straight males ain’t a prize.
they be out here moving as messy as some gay males.
fuckin’ everyone and having high ass body counts.
like no room to judge gays tbh.

please don’t believe the hype with them. 
hang with the straights for a little and you’ll see the problems they come with.
it’s worse when they bring kids in the mix too.

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23 thoughts on “if you’re gay, out, breathing and everyone done had you, don’t even dm gotdamnzo

  1. Most of the people that gotta problem with what Zoe said are hypocrites, cause they know damn well THEY wouldn’t date Zoe themselves cause they’d say he’s too fem! That’s why most of the comments read “Oh she outta her mind” and “Sis trippin” and “drag her” smh y’all labeling this man “her” so i know yall wouldn’t date him either cause mentally you already have classified HIM as “she” (gay version of friend-zoning) so why are you mad that he saying something Similar?

    1. But catch the irony: fem blk guys being dismissive of other fem blk guys, guys who reflect what they see in their own mirrors, but wanting men like their home girls men to want them. ‘I don’t want me, but you should’.

      Also, it speaks volumes about the still 2 dimensional ideas of blk gay men : shady 1 liner, queen caricature, or the dl man bringing his woman hiv after sleeping with the caricature. The fact that Zoie doesn’t see a middle ground where masculine, comfortable, non-ho, gay men exist, and instead thinks that masculine only comes in dl/’straight’, speaks volumes about the blk gay ‘community’.

  2. Since when is dating men who have a girlfriend just a preference? I guess sidechicks have a preference too. Don’t police people who want to steal somebody’s man huh?

  3. This is ridiculous. It’s just another byproduct of the heteronormativity LGBTQ ppl are obsessed w trying to emulate and imitate. Everyone’s protesting against and calling masculinity (particularly masc for masc) toxic, but it’s ok when it’s climbing their backs.

    Also, it be the fairytales for me. Many ppl like Zoie put out ridiculous false narratives (how many straight, thugs w 25 inch diks and prison gym bodies they’re ‘dating on the low’) because it’s as close as they’ll get to the tired gay boy fantasy/real life of their cis female friends that soo many of them soo desperately desire.

    Not to mention, when you’ve been hurt and don’t have the love you desire, it’s easier for some ppl to pretend that they don’t have it because they don’t want it.

  4. Zoie is such a weird especially how he used to go online with these teenagers and ask them sexual questions as a man in his late 20s he’s a delusional queen if more richer and famous queens like jafree star and todrick hall can’t even keep the dicks they’ve paid for does Zoie think he’s any different and oh I’m waiting for the day this man is facing criminal charges for dealing with underaged teens.

  5. This is the mark of a deeply insecure person. You gon fuck around and miss your man because you don’t want to walk in a club and encounter someone whose “had” him before?! Is the club that central to your existence? Do other people and their attitudes have that much influence over your life? Gtfoh.

  6. This is not meant to be offensive when talking about trans.
    Don’t get me wrong I kind of like some of zoie’s material, the problem with Zoie’s comments and stance on relationships is that it is delusional. There is nothing wrong with having a fantasy, but what people will often find the older they get in life is that when you try to make the fantasy a reality all hell breaks free, more often than not. Zoie is coming up in fame and I’m assuming money as well; he may very well be in a position to create a fantasy but it will crash and burn for the public to consume, and that’s going to be the sad part; he will get mad and lash out when the illusion he created implodes and people come at his neck with the “I told you so”.

    I do think there is a deeper dive to be had here and I appreciate “Disney’s “comments. No matter which way you slice it in my opinion when it comes to men wanting to have a nuclear family the LGBTQIA+ community cannot compete on that level with the dynamic that exists between a natural man and a natural woman. I think this also highlights some of the strife within the LGBTQIA+ community towards transgenders, I think because of various methods transgenders are seemingly able to cast a much broader net over the larger heterosexual male pool; now because of that it’s like they are too good to deal with gay men because they identify as female, but the heterosexual male doesn’t identify nor claim you as a woman.

    The reason why Zoie is delusional is that he essentially wants something he can only really get from a heterosexual man; by definition, a heterosexual man is both romantically and sexually attracted to the opposite sex i.e… Women. There may be times where you may get someone’s curiosity but that’s not set up for the long term, no heterosexual man who wants to be married and have kids is going to claim another man or transgendered woman. Given Zoie’s fame he probably will find someone willing to play for the right pay or come up, but why set yourself up like that to be used and abused.

  7. Also, the black community (gay and straight) adores, absolutely obsesses over dysfunctional black men. Classy, educated, and/or ambitious men with their shit together and head on straight? Hell no! Where the gang-bangers, the dope-dealing hoodlums at? Where the fuck are the Pookies and Ray Rays…? “Where da hood niggas AT?!” Lol, I love that video btw…

  8. I cancelled this fool back when he was called out for making highly inappropriate comments toward underage boys. Flirting with 15~17-year-olds. Talking about “let me see how big your hands are”…

    But, like James Charles and Jeffree Star, he ain’t going nowhere either…

  9. Uhmmm Jamari are we ever going to get the story about you and the baller wolf 🤔

    1. I second that. Much more interesting than this delusional Zoie person.

  10. So I saw this yesterday and this was what I thought

    “We HAVE to stop policing others for their desires and fantasies.

    two: zoie is welcomed to be attracted to that type of male,
    but everything comes with a good and bad side.
    nothing is ever perfect.”

    Why do trans women get to say they want masculine men
    And gay men can say no fats no darkies

    But when a gay man say I don’t want a gay that’s been touched by everyone it’s a problem????

    Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how u look at it, gays are normalizing a sex positive lifestyle with very little room for monogamy

    It seems Zoe and I face the same issue we see our female friends in relationships, getting married and having kids before or shortly after 30

    He longs for that so in his mind

    Straight or masculine men = relationship, kids, marriage

    I’ve seen gay men on social media say things like “were not wired for monogamy”
    So if no gay men are going to grant him his desires

    Why can’t he pursue what HE likes ????
    Men everyday go for sexually liberated men— so why can’t HE decide what he wants for himself

    And to those who say “he should’ve grown out do this by 30” well most normal people would say gay men should’ve grown out of casual meaningless hookups, prostituting, being sugar babies and showing their ass online by 30, too.. but we all have choices

    1. And lastly

      Why is Dl where we draw the line

      Not at liars, deceivers, narcissists manipulators
      Ppl will say “I can’t deal wit a man lying to women” but promote city girls lifestyle fucking Other openly gay men’s boyfriends

      Who makes the code of ethics?

    2. He can purse whatever his little heart desires but it’s just off to me that he can be openly gay and pop his ass on a stripper pole every Friday yet want his dude shoved deep in the closet 🥴.

  11. I feel bad for him because you are legit attracted to somebody that would 9 times out of 10 not be attracted to you. A lot of the straight masculine types tend to prefer each other or a hyper feminine person. Also as.you mentioned a lot of them are just as ran through as the other side of the community.

    All I’ll say is at 30 you should have been progressed to better tbh.

    1. Preach! He’ll always be a bitter lil girl with that stance towards dating … especially in Atlanta.

      Let’s be real, everyone has baggage (especially ppl in their 30’s who have been around the block).

      He may be missing out on his blessing by low-key slut-shaming.

  12. Zo log out 🙄. This isn’t his first time saying some shit like this. Just say you like DL Trade. All that straight acting crap is bullshit and half the time those type of dudes act like BITCHES anyway. Everybody that’s openly gay ain’t been ran thru. Does he not know his type is community dick? Lol

    He reminds me of a old friend I had years ago that said he only dates straight men and could never date/fuck a f*ggot. I was very confused……

  13. He feels this way bc he is TRANS, believe me I know this all too well. If you follow Zoie you would know this dude use to be transgender and even use to take hormones and stopped. I feel like maybe bc he thought he was an ugly girl, idk. Now he got his fame from being “zoie” and is scared to transition. I am trans and when I first became trans I lost ALL attraction for gay men and ONLY wanted straight men. I still find gay men attractive but I don’t want them in away of dating. Zoie is a trans woman but he doesn’t want to RE-transition in front of the whole world, and his teenage fan base. That’s why he’s okay with only being with DL’s.

    1. Jamari perpetrates that ideology as well by fawning over straight males. 95% of the males he post are straight males which half the time he doesn’t even if they are homophobic or not. Pot and kettle look in allllll the mirrors

      1. I didn’t wanna say it so I am glad someone else did. I swear while I was reading this entry I said out loud that “of course Jabari is okay with this way of thinking cause he kind of perpetuates it.”

    2. Wait a minute how can he be trans and only care about the aesthetics part of it? I remember coming across this trans girl who basically said she transitioned because she made a “bad” ass female had nothing to with always feeling like a girl as some trans say.

      1. @Marco Sadly this is the darker part of the trans conversation that nobody talks about, every male that transitions didn’t truly feel like a female, some just were feminine (liked hair make-up etc.) & realized they pulled more “straight appearing” men when they presented a female appearance & since they had no self-worth as a gay man, they just “went” with it, these are usually the cases that regret it years later & de-transition tho

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