johnell and tyrone: the ig power couple that did (that)?

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sexin’ all the way to sponsorship.
the american dream.
so as you now,
johnell and tyrone are one of the hottest gay couples on ig.
i guess we can add “onlyfans” too.
big blessings have rolled in for them tho.
they both landed a huge underwear sponsorship

In the ultimate battle of the gods, models and social media stars Johnnell Terrell and Tyrone Wells take on one another in the latest underwear campaign for Adonis by Kyhry.

Photographed by Elvis Piedra, Terrell and Wells can be seen wearing some of the hottest and most popular styles available on, including the X Black Jockstrap and Perfect Fit Purple Jockstrap.

One of the most important aspects of the campaign is the story of both Terrell and Wells. Not only are they both members of the LGBTQ+ community, but they are also in a relationship together. Adonis founder Kyhry Taylor said: “I choose them to be models for this campaign because I wanted to show two guys that are comfortable with embracing each other.”

“They’re also very popular amongst the gay community but they’ve never done a professional editorial photo shoot for any brand before. I wanted to be the first brand to hire them because I saw their potential.”

Taylor added that “this campaign is important because it shows that it’s okay for two gay guys to be comfortable in their own skin…Sadly, our community still deals with a lot of homophobia so it’s important to show a positive representation of gay men and gay love”.

these are some of the shots:




i really like it.
it fits their brand perfectly.
when they pop into my mind,
i think of:

look alikes

tyrone giving a1 neck (see video)

am i wrong?
if they do a video wearing adonis,
please send it my way.
research purposes,
ya know?
huge congrats to johnell and tyrone!

lowkey: i’m glad tyrone got some hair on his head.
at one point,
i didn’t know who was who in the videos.

article cc: instinct magazine

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15 thoughts on “johnell and tyrone: the ig power couple that did (that)?

  1. Two good looking gay black males in a relationship with each on a come up together, I love it

  2. How do people go on someone else’s blog. And complain about the content. If you don’t like it, then why stay on the blog.

  3. Congratulations on their business. But wow, there are so many young LGBTQIA people of color doing amazing things. Why does your blog focus so much on airbrushed models? Is it all about abs and dick prints. It’s so shallow and in the grand scheme of things. Oh well, let me stop being a fussy bucket old man…

    1. Immuanel 22 whenyou updating your blog and I agree with you on that I would like to see other people other than these type of young men

    2. Unfortunately in this hyper sexual gay community, its guys like this who get the most attention with everything. Hence why so many gay guys are gym-obsessed.

      1. ^my thing they aren’t problematic.
        they are out,
        attend pride events,
        and do everything most gay males have been doing regardless of what type of work they do.
        let’s not act like a majority of gay males are virginal creatures out here.
        so i’m confused as to “let’s post other images”…
        they got an underwear sponsorship.
        not doing a new kind of herion on the market.

  4. Cute couple but they look alike to me for some reason and I can NEVER tell them apart. I’m always like, that is definitely Tyrone, no wait, that’s Johnell, nah…or maybe that is Tyrone, he has that tattoo or was it Johnell with that too?? Chi… I be so confused but I think they have passion going for them and they are nice.

    They have [grown man] sex (loving) where they are into each other passionately. Just older men who are laid back..Well idk idk how old they are.

    1. Their sex videos are all over Tumblr…I knew it was coming when they created the Onlyfan page…

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